10 Daily Solutions for Keeping Your Face Scar Free for Life  

You have to commend your body for its ability to heal on its own. No matter how many times you get wounded, bruised, cut and scraped, your skin will be able to regenerate and healitself. You will also be able to say goodbye to the pimples you had five years ago. After all, most wounds don’t last forever.

ScarsHowever, it’s not always that easy and your skin sometimes won’t let a scar go away just like that. Sadly, your skin does notalways forgive and forget easily. It will find a way to make its presence felt in the form of scars. It may be the end for your wounds, but your scars will definitely be annoying remnants of what went wrong years ago.

The good news is, there are various ways you can do to save yourself from embarrassment and make your face scar free for life. Because prevention is the best way, here are 10 tips to help stop scars even before they even start.

1. Treat Skin Issues Early

This is the first thing you need to remember if you want to keep your face free from scars. There are new technologies available to help you get rid of scars.

However, this doesn’t mean you should rely on these treatments to keep you scar-free. The key is prevention and early treatment.

PimplesIt is easy to say that the best way to keep your face free from scars is by not getting pimples at all. However, you know that it’s impossible. Therefore, don’t put everything in your own hands. If you can, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist to determine the severity of your acne condition.

Your doctor will also prescribe the appropriate treatments for you. They can also monitor your progress, and then provide tips to prevent inflammation and possible scarring.

2. Keep The Affected Area Clean

Keep your skin clean at all times, especially the affected areas. Dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances could affect your skin’s healing process and lead to scars. You don’t want that.

Keep your skin cleanTherefore, make sure to keep cuts, wounds, acne and other skin blemishes clean and free from bacteria and infection. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends lukewarm water when washing your face. Lukewarm water, as opposed to cold and hot water is best for removing dirt from the area.

Applying petroleum jelly on the area to keep it moist is one way of minimizing scarring. This also prevents scab formation, which promotes faster healing. Putting antibiotic cream on open blemishes or wounds will also help reduceyour risk of infection. This could increase your chance of becoming scar-free. Just make sure you have the go signal from your doctor before applying anything on your face.

3. Keep Your Hands Off

Keeping the affected area clean is vital in keeping a scar-free face. Aside from washing your face with lukewarm water and gentle cleanser, it is also important to keep your hands away from your face.

Picking of pimplesHands are among the body parts that are most vulnerable to acquiring dirt. Touching your face often means transmitting dirt on your face and causing more damage.

This also means no popping, scratching, squeezing or picking of pimples, no matter how tempting it may be. Doing these things could irritate your skin more and cause inflammation. There is also a higher risk of damaging the skin tissues, thereby causing scars.

Practice self-control and keep your hands off your face.

4. Massage The Area

Massage The AreaContrary to the previous tip, did you know that massage could save your blemish-free face? It helps circulate blood flow in the area, thereby minimizing the possibility of scars or at least makes it less noticeable.

With clean hands, start by moisturizing the area with lotion. You could also use vitamin E since it also helps minimize scar formation. Then, use your fingertips and massage the affected area in small and circular motions for 30 seconds. Do this few times everyday.

Make sure to allow your wound to heal first before you massage the area.

5. Try A Spot Treatment

Despite your best efforts, pimples will always find a way to come knocking at your door. The best way you could do is to be prepared and do something to prevent them from making a mark on your face – forever. This is where spot treatment comes in. A spot treatment is one of the best ways to stop scars even before they start. Instead of picking on your pimples, applying a spot treatment on them will guarantee a scar-free face. Go for a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur ingredients. Any of the three ingredients help get rid of pimples faster even before you decide to pop them.

6. A Mild Exfoliant Is Your New Best Friend

Let’s say you became annoyed with your pimples and decided to pop them. This is the ultimate recipe for scarring. Don’t worry. You can do something to keep your face scar free for life. All you need is a mild exfoliant and you can kiss those stubborn acne scars goodbye. However, the key here is to fight the scars when they are still fresh.

Go for exfoliants with salicylic acid, rice extract or lactic acid. These ingredients are known to promote quick skin cell turnover and bring the freshness back to your face.

Don’t get too excited about exfoliants. Although mild exfoliants stop popped pimples from scarring, too much exfoliating could irritate your skin. This causes more zits and makes you prone to more scarring, which is something you need to avoid.

7. Consider The Power Of Olive Oil

Olive OilOlive oil may be a staple ingredient if you are trying to live the healthy life. Did you know it could do wonders for your face, too?

There is a reason why olive oil is among the best ingredients. Aside from keeping you on the healthy side, olive oil is a true miracle substance that helps get rid of skin discolorations caused by scars. It helps soften and loosen the scars, which makes it easier for you to make them go away.

To enjoy the benefits of olive oil on your face, start by applying a tablespoon of this ingredient on your face and massage it. Then, place a steamed towel over your face, which not only open up the pores, but also softens your skin. As soon as it is cool enough, wipe your face using the towel. The results may not be instant, but you will surely notice a difference in no time.

8. Let Your Skin Heal Naturally

Let Your Skin Heal NaturallyYou can use tons of products to say goodbye to scars. However, nothing beats the natural healing process.

Keep in mind that scars are your body’s way of saying that wounds are healed completely. Your body forms new collagen fibers to make up for the damage done, hence the birth of scars. In case you found yourself in such a situation, allow those wounds and pimples to heal naturally.

It may be tempting to use hydrogen peroxide to speed up the healing process, but don’t. This could cause irritation, there by slowing down your body’s ability to heal. During the healing process, you will also notice scabs forming. Leave them alone. Scabs are biologic dressing, which helps you in the healing process.

In other words, let nature do its course. Healing takes time. Be patient.

9. Take It Easy On Scar Creams

Scar CreamsHow many times have you considered using scar creams on wounds and pimples? Despite their promises, there are many scar creams in the market, which are too good to be true. Know better and don’t fall for false advertising.

Vitamin E may be your quick fix against scars, but experts are divided on its efficacy. Scar creams manufacturers posted independent studies on the effectiveness of their products to convince you that they work.

Before you use something on your face, make sure to check the product with your dermatologist. It is better to be on the safe side than regret putting everything in your own hands.

10. It All Boils Down To Good Hygiene

Good HygieneAccording to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the best way to prevent scars is through proper skin care. With tons of information about scar prevention wherein some might confuse you, the question is what exactly is good hygiene?

Start by keeping your face, specifically the affected area clean at all times. Wash your face with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Exfoliation is a must, although make sure to do this two to three times a week only to prevent irritation and further inflammation. Moisturizing your skin is also important, which helps speed up the healing process.

Staying away from Mr. Sun, at least during the first few days when your skin is in the healing stage, is also advisable. The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun could slow healing. At the same time, it could lead to skin discoloration, which is something you want to avoid. If going under the sun is imperative, then make sure to apply sunscreen on your face or wear a hat before going outdoors.

There are various technological procedures, which keep your face scar-free. However, why go through these techniques when there are simple but effective ways to prevent scars from forming? The choice is yours.