10 Foods to Stay Clear of to Avoid Acne Flare Ups

10 Foods to Stay Clear of to Avoid Acne Flare Ups

An acne breakout is a nightmare for teens and adults, too. Acne seems to flare up at the worst possible times, like before a major life event or social situation. It can be embarrassing when you have tiny red dots all over your face. No matter how much amount of concealer you put on those red bumps, they will always find a way to come out and say hello, not just to your friends, but also to the whole world. Worse, they leave lasting scars, as well.

PimpleThe question now is what can you do about it? Clearly, your anti-acne facial cream and moisturizers such are mortal enemies with your face that they decided not to work hard to get rid of pimples. Going to a dermatologist for treatment is still way out of your budget. You’re also scared of using topical creams with hard to pronounce ingredients, since they might worsen your condition.

If that is the case, perhaps changing your diet could help. The truth is there are tons of pimple-causing foods that you need to stay away from for an acne-free skin. Learn more about them, so you will have less flare ups.

1. Salt

SaltSalt and pepper may come as a team and make your food yummier. However, this does not mean you can put salt on your food as much as you want.

Apparently, too much salt increases water retention and can dehydrate your skin. This could lead to swelling and it makes it difficult for your skin to heal from acne.

Keep in mind that your body needs enough water to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Sadly, water and salt are not on good terms, and between the two, you would rather stay away from salt and salty foods.

It’s just not good for you, anyway. Nowadays, food manufacturers and establishments add salt to everything, so if you can stop sprinkling it on meals, you’ll reduce your amount of salt automatically.

2. Spicy Foods

Spicy FoodsSpicy foods are known aphrodisiacs, since they help you get in the mood. If you can’t get away with chili in your daily diet and notice that red bumps appear on your face, then you know whom to blame.

Based on a 2006 study published in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, acne patients blamed spices as one of the major reasons for breakouts.

Some experts do not agree on this and would rather blame poor hygiene and cosmetic products for flare-ups. Still, it won’t hurt if you lessen spicy food in your diet, right? Having less acne will make raise your self-esteem and boost your libido anyway.

3. Dairy

If you are a fan of cheese, milk and anything dairy, then you might need to re-evaluate your food choices.

CheeseAccording to studies, eating dairy products, including cream sauces and ice cream increases your body’s ability to release insulin, growth factors and other hormones that could contribute to acne.

It turns out that these hormones help your cells absorb sugar, a component that is good friends with acne.

This does not mean you have to blame everything on cheese and milk. There are other foods with dairy products in them, such as granola bars and processed luncheon meats, so watch out for them, too.Plus, there are other safer and healthier alternatives to dairy, which you can include in your daily diet.

4. Alcohol

Happy hour is something you can’t get away with, especially when all your friends are on the way to the bar to grab a few drinks. Apparently, happy hour won’t leave you happy at all when you find blemishes on your face.

Alcohol makes you happy, for now, but it dehydrates your skin, encourages wrinkles to come out and prevents your skin from healing. Antioxidants, such as vitamins A and C are mortal enemies with alcohol, so expect some war between the two, especially in terms of cell regeneration.

Does this mean you have to say goodbye to alcohol? Not really. Red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that prevents skin aging. You just have to stick with one glass of red wine and you are good to go. Plus, you won’t jeopardize your health, too.

5. Shellfish

ShellfishToo much meat is not good for you. This explains why health and fitness enthusiasts recommend striking a balance by including chicken and seafood in your diet. After all, these two are good for your health.

Did you know that seafood, specifically shellfish, can clog pores and eventually lead to acne? Shellfish such crab, shrimp and lobster are high in iodine, which could create irritation on your skin and contribute to unwanted bumps on your face.

If you have congested or clogged pores, then eating more shellfish can accelerate the formation of inflamed pimples. This means more acne too, a condition you don’t want to happen.

6. Foods With A High Glycemic Index

DonutsIf you love eating white bread, donuts and other foods with a high glycemic index, then don’t be surprised to see pimples popping out of your face.

According to studies, this type of food can increase your blood sugar levels, pump out insulin that eventually triggers unwanted hormonal effects. There is also a boost of in androgen, an acne-causing male hormone that triggers excess oil and increased cell production.

The result: you are more prone to breakouts and clogged pores. If you are not yet convinced, foods with high glycemic index could lead to weight gain, too. Now, that is double whammy, and you certainly don’t want that.

7. Peanut Butter

Peanut ButterAdmit it, you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your afternoon hunger fix. While this combination pumps up the rest of your day and keeps you satiated until dinnertime, did you know that it is also considered as one of the biggest acne-trigger foods? The truth is, there is little connection between peanut butter or nuts in general, and acne outbreaks.

Based on a research study conducted at Melbourne University, a group of medical students believe that certain foods could cause breakouts, including peanut butter. While the debate continues, it won’t hurt if you limit your intake, right? There’s no harm in taking it easy, anyway.

8. Sushi

SushiYou already know that foods with a high glycemic index can trigger outbreaks. You also know that seafood, particularly shellfish can cause acne, too. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see sushi as part of the list.

No matter how much you love sushi, unfortunately, it could increase your insulin levels, and that encouragesan inflammatory response.

This could lead to the release of more acne-promoting hormones, and you already know what’s going to happen after. You don’t want another red bump on your face, do you?

9. Pizza

PizzaA movie night, get together with friends or a party at home will never be complete without pizza. Unfortunately, it is the ultimate recipe for disaster: grease, oil, cheese and meat – you name it.

Once you eat a slice – or more – of pizza, your hormones rage a war against your body. This means the cells, oils and debris block your sebaceous glands, clogs your healthy pores and cause inflammation. Once your skin is inflamed, pimples become inevitable.

The next time you decide to eat pizza, just take it easy. It may be one of the most sumptuous meals on the planet, but you certainly want those extra oils on your face, do you? Add a side salad to your order – with light dressing, of course.

10. French Fries

Let’s face it, French fries and potato chips are high in the bad kinds of fat. Once this fat goes inside your body, it triggers a hormonal response that can cause acne.

French FriesThis is because the excess fat and oil for these well-loved snacks clogs the sebaceous glands, making your face more prone to bacteria and yeast. When you allow your face in that state, you are inviting acne to go forth and multiply.

It’s not just about the sebaceous glands. There is an increase in insulin, one of acne’s best friends. Androgen hormones tend to spike as well when you eat too much fries, chips and even pizza. This produces excess oil, clogged pores and makes your body go through that teenage phase again when you’re already past that stage. The ugly result: acne.

What about the scars? The truth is prevention is still better than cure when it comes to acne scars. If you could stop acne from the onset, then much better. Apparently, some pimples prefer leaving a mark on your face and let the whole world know that they paid a visit once upon a time.

In case they left a mark on your face, then here are some of the things you can do.

  • MakeupHide It With Makeup. Scar treatments may take a while before you see noticeable results. In this case, having concealer, color corrector and primer on hand could help conceal acne scars.
  • Pay Your Dermatologist A Visit. It’s never too late to visit your dermatologist. A doctor can prescribe topical treatments or perform procedures to help you get rid of scars.
  • Consider Scar Removal Creams. There are a lot of scar removal creams available in the market. However, not all creams will work. If you are looking for the ultimate scar removal cream, then Dermefface FX7 is your best solution.

Given these tips and foods you need to stay away from, are you ready to go acne-free?