10 Popular Movie Characters with Even More Famous Scars

10 Popular Movie Characters with Even More Famous Scars

Who said scars are unattractive? Okay, well most of us actually do. But not all scars have a bad reputation. In fact, some scars have made movie characters famous. Yes, you heard use right: some popular movie characters are famous for their facial flaws.

From a character and movie both literally named because of scars, to the infamous lightening shaped scar dawning Harry’s forehead, there are quite a few famous scars for us to discuss. Scars are typically indicative of the bad guy, but we have quite a few heroes here with scars, as well.

Follow us as we explore the ten most popular movie characters who have even more famous scars:

1. His Name Is Just So…Unique

As if being followed by a raucous band of hyenas were not cumbersome enough, Scar from The Lion King also has to fashion an infamous scar across his face. Scar receives a blow to the face by a buffalo’s horns when he is young.

While Mufasa tries to reason with the buffalo, Scar, who was then referred to as Taka, since, of course, he did not have the scar yet, roars and causes havoc. When the buffalo attacks Taka, Mufasa rushes in to save him, only to have Scar later kill Mufasa – such a shame, right?

Scar’s blemish is a constant reminder of his naivety, and we are left despising him throughout the movie. The scar appears as a light brown strike through his right eye, which contrasts his dark brown fur and jet-black hair. Perhaps it’s the quintessential mark of a villain, because Scar is not the only infamous, evil character who happens to have this facial flaw.

2. He’s Not Joking

The Joker, from Batman: The Dark Knight, has scars that are merely unavoidable. In fact, his entire persona, similarly to Scar, is built around these scars. When asked why the Joker goes by his name, he replies that his scars keep him smiling; however, how he came to attain them is up for debate.

Arguably, the Joker is not our most reliable character. So, it is no wonder that he lies about his scars in the movie. At one point, the Joker says that his father cut his face when he was younger. However, later in the movie he claims he inflicted the scars on himself with razor blades. Regardless of the perpetrator, it is indisputable that Joker does indeed sport facial scars that are simply terrifying.

The Joker’s scars can be referred to as the Glasgow Smile, which, in our professional opinion, is the worst possible scar to have. You see, the Glasgow Smile is a form of torture. The victim’s face is slit by the mouth, and when they open their mouth to scream the wounds only open more and more, ultimately leaving a larger scar.

3. Harry Potter Has More Than You May Realize

We all know Harry Potter’s infamous lightening-shaped scar. For those of you who do not know about Harry’s scar, don’t worry, we will sum it up for you: Harry Potter has a lightening shaped scar on his forehead.

Branded by “he-who-shall-not-be-named,” at the ripe age of 15 months, Harry Potter’s scar symbolically represents the ongoing battle of good versus evil throughout the series. The scar was left by he-who-shall-not-be-mentioned during a murder attempt, but his efforts were futile and Harry survived. Whenever the villain is around, Harry’s scar tingles, which is kind of gross.

But did you know that Harry Potter has more than just the lightening-shaped scar on his forehead? Harry also has two scars on his hands, left by the former High Inquisitor of Hogwarts, Dolores Umbridge. On one hand, Harry’s scar reads: I must not tell lies, while the other hand says: I will not break rules. Similarly to Harry’s famous scar, these scars also tingle upon hearing the perpetrator’s name.

4. It’s Not Just His Scar We’re Concerned With

Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Inglorious Bastards, played by Brad Pitt, dawns a scar of his own in addition to inflicting the brandishing upon others, as well. The Lieutenant’s main prerogative is to mark all of the Nazis. How does one go about this tactfully? Well by carving swastikas into their foreheads, of course. Yes, the Lieutenant carves a swastika into the forehead of every Nazi whom he does not kill. With the fear that these Nazis will mesh back into society, Lieutenant Aldo Raine comes up with a strategy to make this concept virtually impossible.

5. The Usable Scar

Scars do not sound like they are good for much, right? Other than public humiliation and a constant reminder of some traumatic event, scars serve virtually no purpose. However, for Kakihara of Ichi the Killer, scars can be quite useful. Kakihara, somehow, has received scars similar to the Joker. Remember that Glasgow Smile we talked about earlier? However, Kakihara can puff smoke out of his cheeks, which is way cooler than the Joker’s non-functioning scars. I mean really, all the Joker is good for is scaring the laughter out of everyone, which is quite ironic, if we do say so ourselves.

6. And The Winner Of The Largest Scar Goes To…

They say that bigger is not always better, but in the case of The Toxic Avenger from The Toxic Avenger – how original – scars are way better the bigger they are.

When it comes to the Toxic Avenger, his whole body has unfortunately suffered from detrimental toxins. As a young boy, Melvin fell into a giant tub of toxic waste. Instead of dying like most of us would, Melvin morphs into the Toxic Avenger and leads his life as a local celebrity, fighting for injustice all over the place.

And in case you are wondering, his scars are not his superpowers. His looks, however, certainly divert evildoers upon first glance.

7. It’s No Sin this Guy’s Body Is Covered In Scars

Marv of Sin City is covered in scars. While it is never directly stated how he obtained these scars, you can infer it is all of the jumping from windows and cars that did the trick. After all, the body can only handle so much abuse, right?

So, Mickey Rourke’s character is infamously known for his entire body being covered in scars. While it may just appear to be Marv’s face that is taken up by lacerations and wounds, upon second glance one will notice that, in fact, his entire body that is comprised of these marks.

But does he seem to mind? No. If anything, the scars help Marv, and many others, appear to be even more badass than they already are.

8. My Name Is Inigo Montoya And You Killed My Father

Besides the infamous uttering of, “My name is Inigo Montoya and You Killed My Father” repeatedly throughout the movie, Mandy Patinkin’s character, Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride, is yet another movie character famous for his scar. Inigo Montoya spends his entire life attempting to avenge his father, and his scar is only a reminder of why. As a young boy, Inigo watches a man with six fingers murder his father.

Inigo spends his whole life tracking this villain down. Allegedly, the incident, which resulted in the scar, occurred while his father was being attacked, but the film never directly explains the blemish. It’s rather refreshing to hear about a character who is not evil donning a scar, right? Let’s hear another scar story for a character who is not exactly rotten to the core.

9. Love Stinks – Or Should We Say Scars?

Chasing Amy is a rather scandalous movie with a few risqué moments. One of these moments is undoubtedly when Banky and Alyssa are duking it out to see who has the most epic sex-related injury tale. While they banter back and fourth, the audience learns that Alyssa’s heel has been scarred during sexual intercourse.

Curious as to how one could possible hurt their heel while doing the deed? Well, to give you the Cliff’s Notes version: Alyssa probably should not have been in a car on top of a hill when performing oral sex. End of story.

10. The Entire Movie Is Named After His Face Full Of Scars

How could we possibly discuss characters who are infamous for their scars without talking about Scarface himself? Tony, Al Pacino’s character in Scarface, is a cultural icon. Despite being known for gun slinging and drug dealing, Tony Montana is also known for the large scar that is seen on his face.

While it is never blatantly stated, the audience can piece together the fact that Tony Montana received the scar when he was younger. Many joke with him about how he attained the wound. He simply replies with something along the lines of, “You think I look bad? You should see the other guy.”

Tony Montana and the Toxic Avenger should start a Badasses with Tattoos Club.

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