10 Pro-Makeup Tricks to Conceal Your Facial Scars

10 Pro-Makeup Tricks to Conceal Your Facial Scars

Who wants blemishes? Well, nobody. You will find foundation and concealers to be your good friend if you want to camouflage your scars, spots and discolorations. It may seem like basic steps, such as applying makeup, but the fact is most people are unaware of the tricks that make concealing scars and blemishes easier.

MakeupDid you know that when applied imperfectly, your makeup can turn into a scar magnifying glass? Whenever you apply makeup, just pause for a moment to ask yourself, “Do I know the right way to apply makeup products, or am I committing a beauty blunder?”

If you are one of those people who struggles to make your skin flawless with your makeup kit, here are some simple pro-makeup tricks that will help you effectively conceal your scars.

1. Keep Your Skin Healthy

ensure that your skin is free of dirtAlthough it’s often not easy to avoid getting scars and blemishes, you should try your best to keep your skin healthy. Follow a proper skin care regimen in order to ensure that your skin is free of dirt and grime.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin twice daily. Also, eat healthy foods and drink lots of fluids to flush out harmful toxins from your body.

2. Prep Your Skin

You should only apply makeup to clean and moisturized skin. Scrub your skin at least twice a week to remove the dead cells. This will prepare your skin and make it ready for the lotions and serums you will want to apply.

When the skin is loaded with dead skin cells, particles of dirt and makeup cling to them, making your skin look rough and caked-up. So, remember to scrub your skin often. However, if your skin is sensitive, use a light scrub that does not irritate it.

3. Start With Primer

Start With PrimerThe texture of a scar is different from the rest of your skin. This makes the scar look distinguished and prominent. Concealers and foundation can work to conceal the skin discolorations and redness, but they are not effective in filling the deeply pitted scars. To help make the scar blend with the surrounding skin, you need a primer.

A primer will help augment the appearance of your makeup and make it stay on your skin longer. Remember to apply a makeup primer before putting on your makeup. Primers usually have a silicone base that can smooth the skin texture and fill in fine lines. For a more immaculate look, rub only a small amount of the primer over your scar.

4. Use Color Corrector

Don’t be in a hurry to apply foundation and concealer just after applying a primer. It’s best to start with a color corrector. They correct particular imperfections, such as redness, under eye circles or a sallow complexion. Apply a foundation after the corrector to hide those colors.

Orange and yellow color corrector is usually used to hide dark eye circles, while green is used for correcting the skin redness. Green and red are opposite pigments, so they will cancel each other out when you blend them together. Purple is for combating sallow complexions. Just a bit of advice: use only a tiny amount of color corrector. You don’t want to end up like a green skin-colored clown, now, do you?

5. Now, It’s Time To Apply Foundation

FoundationFoundation is yet another great tool for brightening your skin. One of the essential things to remember is to find a shade that truly matches your skin tone. If you are unable to identify the right shade for your skin tone, visit the department store and consult a makeup artist.

There are various brands available on the market which help hide red marks and make scars look less visible. Choose a foundation free of oil. This will prevent your skin pores from clogging. It will also reduce the occurrence of acne and other scars.

Most people apply a concealer before the foundation. However, this is not a proper technique, since the foundation wipes away a lot of the concealer. So, save yourself the trouble of applying more concealer and begin with the foundation first.

6. Choose the Right Color Concealer

Choose the Right ColorAgain, choosing the wrong color concealer will not only make your scars stand out, but it will also make your makeup look caked and crumbly. Find a shade of concealer that matches your natural skin color.

If you are unable to locate the perfect shade, then choose a shade that’s one shade lighter than your natural color. Darker shades of concealer will only make your blemishes and scars even more prominent.

7. Use Only a Tiny Amount

Using too much concealer will only make your scars and blemishes more noticeable. Use a tiny amount of concealer and then gently spread a thin layer over the area that needs coverage.

Remember that you can always add more, but it’s cumbersome to take away the excess after applying concealer. It’s best to choose a water-resistant product, so that your concealer stays in place regardless of the weather.

8. Your Best Makeup Equipment is in Your Hands

Nothing is as effective as your fingers when it comes to applying makeup onto your skin. Applying the concealers with your fingertips helps warm the formula, so that it sets into the skin and does not stay on top.

Gently pat the concealer on your blemishes and scars using light, quick tapping motions in order to blend the concealer. However, if you are trying to hide a tiny scar, use a brush for a more impeccable appearance.

9. Don’t Forget Powder

PowderMost people usually forget this tip. Always set your concealer with a powder to enhance the effect and lock the makeup products you have applied in place. Also, make sure that you have blended your foundation and concealer effectively well on your skin before setting with a powder.

Powder is lightweight and does not tend to provide additional color to your scars. You need to choose a loose powder for enhanced coverage.

Use a brush to gently apply the powder over your skin without disturbing the products you have already applied. Never swipe the concealer on your skin, since it will rub off the products on the top of your blemish and make them more evident. Once you have applied a powder, be wary of messing your look up all day.

10. Highlighting and Accenting Advice

Eye shadowHighlighting is an innovative makeup trick that helps draw attention to other positive features of your face. This helps to make scars less obvious.

Highlighting is done by using a light, shiny powder that you tactically apply on particular areas of the face, such the upper part of the cheekbone, inside portion of the eyelid and below the eyebrows.

Similar to highlighting is an accenting technique that helps to make other facial features more enhanced and attractive. For instance, using eyeliner and eye shadow to make others notice your beautiful and captivating eyes, instead of your scars. Lip liner and bold lip color can used to emphasize your lips.

Makeup Tips and Tricks

  • Always Remove Makeup

Remove MakeupFoundation and concealers used to hide your unpleasant scars may be labeled as oil free, but they are composed of various ingredients that cling to your skin and lock in the pores. To keep your skin healthy, you should remove your makeup completely at the end of each day.

Washing your face with soap or using glycerin, castor oil, or cocoa butter may not effectively remove all the traces of the makeup products on your skin. Using a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel is a better way to remove all of the makeup.

Witch hazel is an effective product to remove bacteria, dead skin cells and excessive oil from your skin. Spot test a small area first to be sure it doesn’t irritate your skin, though.

  • Cleanse Makeup Brushes Thoroughly

Makeup BrushesThe golden rule to keep your skin free of pimples is to keep everything clean that touches your skin. Brushes you use for applying makeup gradually become a breeding ground for bacteria, because they harbor dead skin cells.

You may not want them to attack your skin the next time you use the brush. If you use brushes, then remember to wash them weekly in order to avoid debris buildup.

If you are unable to wash your makeup applicators regularly, you may invest in disposable sponges, pads and brushes. You can also consider using cotton balls to apply your makeup.

  • Avoid Crumbled, Caked On Makeup

Light powderAlways use a light powder instead of a heavy one. Moreover, if you suffer from persistent acne, then avoid using a cream concealer. Instead, use only a light powder foundation. This way you are not accumulating an additional layer of makeup on your skin.

Heavy cream concealers penetrate deep into your skin after a few hours and lose their moisture content. This reduces the amount of concealers and allows for that horrible caked up look on your face. If you want to apply concealers, powder types are great, since you don’t have to worry about your concealers losing their moisture content and making your pimples, scars, and zits more apparent at the end of the day.

  • Use Moisturizers

Don’t be afraid to apply moisturizers, even if you have oily skin. People with oily skin often avoid using moisturizers. They are unaware that when makeup products are applied directly onto the skin, they seep into the pores and break them out more, causing nothing less than a disaster.

MoisturizersIf your skin is not happy with moisturizers available on the market, then you may consider using natural products, such as honey daily on your skin before a bath. It helps to moisturize your skin, as well as heal it.

While there are various ways to maintain the health of your skin and make it look flawless and beautiful, you should definitely find ways to improve the appearance of your scars. There’s nothing as comfortable as simply cleansing and moisturize your face, and then directly heading out to face the world.

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Accept Yourself, Scars and All

Remain happyWe have discussed myriads of tips and tricks to make you look beautiful. Eventually, remember that the most important beauty treatment is to embrace yourself, remain happy, and keep your self-confidence intact.

Don’t let your scars hold you back in life and prevent you from getting a life you have always wanted. Scars are not as prominent as your smiling face, happiness and exuding bliss.

When you are full of joy, people will quickly forget your scars because of your infectious essence.