10 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging of Your Skin

10 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging of Your Skin

Who wants to age early? The only thing good about it are the discounts you get when you’re a retiree, like the seats offered by the young ones or maybe a bunch of discounts on stuff, but other than that, aging can be intrusive to your normal life and your career. When your body and skin starts to show aging, you just sag everywhere – not literally – and you look tired and stressed all the time. It’s an unpleasant sight.

FreshnessSee it this way: companies prefer the young and fresh bunch, because they believe that this group of people have the freshest ideas and the most enthusiastic motivation.How do they measure freshness and youthfulness? Aside from your age, it’s how you look.

The lines on your face may depict wisdom and knowledge about certain stuff, but the fresh look will do you in, because you can stay longer in the company, you have fresh knowledge and ideas to share and you are healthy enough to handle whatever pressure they may give you.

Boys also prefer the fresh and young looking ladies who do not look haggard and have eye bags bigger than their handbags. Overall, a young and refreshed look is preferred by the majority of everyone. So if you want to stay fresh, young and pretty, take note of these 10 ways to prevent your skin from aging prematurely.

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

SunscreenNo matter how much you love the summer heat and go sun bathing the whole day to get that summer tan, it is necessary that you keep your skin protected.

Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin. You have to admit, however good the heat feels on your skin, that the sun today is more aggressive than was a while back.

The sun emits UV and infrared rays that can be damaging to your skin. Sunburn may be natural and sometimes even “cool” to have, but it can cause gradual skin damage, and in time will make your skin look old and burnt. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good day out in the sun. It only means you need to be precautious and wear protection before you dive into the heat.

2. Wash Your Face With Water

Wash Your FaceNothing beats the natural minerals that water has, not even the best types of facial wash and scrubs. Water can refresh your skin, replenish and moisturize in the most natural way.

Facial soaps and scrubs can be just an added element, but may cause skin reactions and dryness. But with water, you can just splash your face and voila, you’re fresh and clean again.

Wash your face with water in the middle of the day to keep it fresh and moisturized. Avoid too much facial soap, leave that ritual before bedtime. Water will do the cleaning for you in the morning and during the day. With its natural elements and antioxidants, water can keep your skin looking radiant and clean.

3. Avoid Too Much Coffee

CoffeeCoffee is a staple drink for every hardworking person. You carry a cup just about everywhere you go to keep you alert and sane with all the pressure and stress that goes around you.

Actually, too much caffeine can affect your sleep patterns, which in turn will make you look less rested and haggard. That’s not a good way to look younger.

Instead of drinking coffee all the time, you can opt for fruit juices. Fruit juices have natural vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy and avoid aging prematurely. Plus, the sweetness can keep your alert and awake, just as like coffee does. An added bonus is that fruit juices are commonly cold; therefore they can be a real thirst-quencher.

Opt for natural juices, not the juice drinks with added sugar for a healthy, yet sweet concoction in a mug. You can add seltzer to them for a fizzy drink.

4. Use Less Make Up

Make UpMake up may make you look pretty and young. It can hide all those wrinkles and skin folds in your face, but it can’t be a permanent solution.

After all, at the end of the day you still need to take your make up off and see how you really look without all the artificial elements.

Make up can be helpful in making you look pretty, but nothing beats natural beauty. Some cosmetics contain chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and will make your skin look old and saggy if you use them all the time. So use less make up, and give yourself a natural blush. You inner beauty is still the most important thing.

5. Use Body Lotion And Body Moisturizer

Dry skin can lead to ugly skin – take note of that. You should always keep your body and skin moisturized, even if the weather seems fair and cool.

Use body lotion and moisturizer to do just that for you. Keeping your body moisturized can maintain the freshness and young-ness of your skin.

If you leave your skin dry all the time, your skin will look wrinkly and saggy. You know what that means. It will lead to skin aging prematurely and all that it entails.

Body lotion and moisturizer can prevent early aging. Moisturize your skin always.

6. Use Anti-Aging Creams That Are Proven Effective

CreamsOkay, let’s be honest and lay it on the table. With all the natural ways to stay younger, it would still be extremely helpful if you could use anti-aging creams.

But take note that not all anti-aging creams can be effective, especially if you have the sensitive type of skin. There are many anti-aging creams sold today, and sometimes it is a feat in choosing what to use.

Here’s a tip on how to choose which one is the most effective:

  • Expensive does not always mean effective, but it means that the product uses a higher technology and does extensivetesting to produce the product.
  • See if the product has many endorsements and endorsers, which are a testimony to the effectiveness of the product.
  • Check if the product has many positive feedback from consumers.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Plenty Of WaterAs simple and common as it may seem, drinking water is actually very helpful in making you look fresh and young. Drink eight glasses of water every day to maintain the level of fluid in your body.

A well maintained fluidity can make your skin moisturized and will help avoid dryness. So you don’t only need to use water externally, you also need it internally to stay young and fresh.

Drinking water will also aid in the process of replenishing your skin cells. Its natural elements will help the growth of the new skin cells, making them healthy and radiate the effects in your overall aura.

8. Eat Healthy

Eat HealthyOf course, eating healthy should not be out of the picture. You are what you eat, is what they always say. If you eat too much junk, you can expect that your overall appearance may seem like junk as well, no offense.

If you eat too much meat, your body may be abundant in protein but meat will make you age quickly.

However, if you balance all that with a healthy diet, with fruits and vegetables, you can be assured that your health – inside and out – can be wellmaintained.

A good indication of a healthy person is when he/she glows. At the same time, eating healthy can make you glow and radiate, making you fresh and young.

9. Sleep And Rest

The right amount of sleep and rest is important to keep you looking fresh and ready. Also, sleep is important because it is when your body rejuvenates and your systems work to replenish your cells.

SleepIf you notice, a person that is not well rested looks tired and haggard all the time, not to mention the telltale of the eye bags that they have to carry around.

Sleep and rest is just as important as eating a healthy diet and drinking eight glasses of water every day. A well-rested person will always look fresh and young and will definitely prevent you from aging prematurely.

Give yourself a break and relax. Don’t stress too much, like the fate of the world lies in your hand. Even your company’s CEO takes a break. You should do the same. Take a well-planned vacation leave, go somewhere you can rest and relax for a few days and forget about your work responsibilities for a while.

Keeping yourself relaxedKeeping yourself relaxed can prevent the wrinkles from forming on your face. Wrinkles are brought about by too much creasing of your forehead and facial features, when you are tensed and stressed. So once again, relax.

True as it is, many women and men today who are in their 20’s invest in keeping themselves healthy and looking young by using anti-aging skin care products.

Do you think you are too young to start using them? Well, no, with today’s lifestyle choices, work pressures, vices and pollution, you can age early, as much as you may hate to.

What most people want is to look fresh and young, but even more importantly, they want to feel fresh and young, too. You have a right to look and feel your best, no matter what your age. We are all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we have to feel that way, too. With some common sense and a bit of effort, you can look and feel younger.