12 Smart Ways to Reduce Scarring After a Bad Burn

12 Smart Ways to Reduce Scarring After a Bad Burn

Going out with family or friends and enjoying a beautiful sunny day under the sun? Sometimes you can be too preoccupied with everything that’s happening – all the fun and laughter and enjoyment – that you forget to protect your skin and end the day with a bad burn. Ouch, sunburns can be painful. Actually, scratch that. Sunburns hurt badly and are royally skin damaging.

SunburnGetting a sunburn means feeling the hissing pain, the heat from the burn and the dead skin that peels off afterwards making your skin look like a huge atlas. Not to mention you could get boils or rashes or other types of skin diseases that root from too much heat. It’s nasty and uncomfortable, and make you regret going out in the sun.

Luckily, you can treat sunburns right away to ease the discomfort and pain, and to quicken the healing time of the skin. There are simple things that you can do. Most sunburns are not an emergency case. But all the same, you should know how to treat them immediately to prevent them from getting worse. Here are 12 ways to reduce the after effects of sunburn to your skin.

1. Take A Cool Shower

Cool ShowerSunburn is partly the sun’s heat trapped inside your skin, making the searing pain of hotness when you touch the burned part.

The sunburned part of the skin initially starts off as a red patch of skin, or inflamed skin before it starts to turn lighter. Before it does, and to release the heat and cool down the skin, take a long, cool shower.

Be sure to do it slowly, and avoid rubbing your skin with too much water pressure, because that could be painful. You can also opt to pat the burned area with a cool towel.

2. Cold Compresses Help Sunburned Skin

One symptom of severe sunburn is feeling the skin heat up and even going numb. To immediately ease the discomfort, cold compresses on the skin with a cool towel can help. This is also to prevent inflammation and blistering, and to prevent the sunburn from becoming even more severe. A cold compress will also ease the pain of the sunburn. The coolness will counteract the pain that is caused by the burn and provide a temporary relief.

3. Hydrate Your Skin

WaterSunburn happens when the skin is too dry and gets overly exposed to the heat of the sun. It is caused by lack of hydration in the skin, allowing the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun to burn the skin.

When this happens, the first and best way to treat the burns from within is to hydrate. This is also to prevent dehydration from too much exposure to the sun.

The most advisable is to drink eight glasses of water every day to keep your insides and your skin hydrated. This is to quicken the healing time of the burns. Hydration is also one way to prevent sunburns in the future.

4. Keep The Burned Area Covered

Sunburns are painful. You would have to keep it covered and protected to avoid getting bumped, rubbed and scratched all the time, which can cause you more pain.

There is also the possibility that too much air exposure and the numbness can cause the inflammation of the burned area. It is best to keep your sunburned area covered with clothes while it is healing. This is also to avoid it getting exposed to the sun even further, which will burn the skin again before it even heals.

5. Apply A Moisturizer With Vitamin E

When you get sunburned, that means the skin dies and it works to replenish the tissues to make fresh skin.

This may take a few days, as you know, because sunburns may take a few days to heal. While it does, it is best to apply skin moisturizer,not only to the burned part, but all over your skin, as well.

Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to promote healthy skin. This is not exactly to heal the burn, but rather to make the new skin grow healthy.

6. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits And VegetablesGreen leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are your best friends when it comes to healing sunburn. These types of food are rich in antioxidants, which can help greatly in replenishing the dead skin cells and producing a healthier set.

The vitamins and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables that you eat are also important in making the healing process of the skin faster. The antioxidants will prevent the burns from forming into scars. Fruits and vegetables can help you big time with sunburns.

7. Apply Honey On Your Skin

HoneyWhen you get sunburned, there is the possibility of skin inflammation. Because of the burns, there is also the possibility of bacteria to grow on the surface of your skin.

Honey can help with that problem. Honey has always been known to be an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance.

Apply honey to the burned part immediately as a first aid method. This will prevent the burn from getting worse and getting inflamed. This will also clean up the burn and prevent bacteria from forming and spreading.

8. Apply Vinegar

VinegarWe all know that sunburns are painful accompanied by that incessant heat that can be even more painful, especially if it touches rough surfaces.

Thankfully, there’s a way to reduce the pain of the burn without taking painkillers. Vinegar has been known to reduce the pain of a burn. It also does the same for sunburns.

Using a cloth or towel, dip it into vinegar and wipe or compress it over the sunburned area. This will temporarily ease the pain.  As sunburns may heal faster than an actual burn, the pain will not stay long, too. While waiting for the sunburn to heal, you can wipe the area with vinegar from time to time to avoid the pain.

9. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is effective for treating all kinds of burns. It can also be used for sunburns. In fact, hospitals are now using aloe vera as a first aid treatment for burns.

However, it cannot be used for severe burns.That means you need to check with your doctor before applying it, especially if you think that your sunburn is severe.

Aloe vera has a gel-like substance that contains antibacterial properties, which can be used to clean up burns. It also has soothing qualities that can ease the pain of the burn when applied. Aloe vera is a popular home treatment. It also has natural nutrients that can help to replenish the burned skin.

10. Apply Cool Milk

MilkThere are many ways to ease the pain of sunburns, which gives you many options based on the availability of the items that you have at home.

One of the first aid methods to ease the pain of sunburn is to apply cool milk to the burned area. Milk has natural pain and heat soothing properties that could temporarily ease the pain of sunburn.

Using a cloth or towel, dip the fabric into a glass of milk and wipe it on the burned area. This will soothe the heat and pain of the sunburn. The protein found in milk will also help in building back the tissues that make up your skin, too, encouraging faster healing.

11. Take Your Vitamins

VitaminsVitamins are important to stay healthy. There are specific vitamins that are great for the skin and helps in keeping the skin smooth. These types of vitamins are beneficial for the skin, especially when sunburned, so that it will not leave a scar.

These vitamins include vitamin A, C, E and B complex. Vitamin A is good for preventing skin diseases. Vitamins C and E are good for keeping the skin healthy and replenishing the dead skin. Vitamin B complex prevents damage caused by the heat of the sun and other factors that can be bad for the skin.

12. Do Not Pick At The Dead Skin

Picking at the dead skin can be tempting, especially when it is just about to fall off. But it is important to keep them at their natural pace of healing.

Studies show that picking at dead skin is one of the causes of scars. If you pick at the sunburned skin, thinking that it would speed up the healing process and renewing the skin again, you are actually paving a trail for scars on your skin.

Your skin is precious. It covers you overall, and it is the most visible part of your body. It’s only right that you treat it carefully. While you can’t avoid getting sunburns, especially if the beautiful day is too fun to ignore, you should know how to do some first-aid treatments should you or any of your family or friends get a bad burn. This is so you can prevent the pain and discomfort of sunburns and maintain the health of your skin.