15 Skin Saving Sunless Tanning Techniques

15 Skin Saving Sunless Tanning Techniques

Sunless tanning is a whole new innovative and safe way to get a tan. It’s a lot safer than basking in the sun all day, or going in a tanning bed where you are risking your skin to sunburns and scars. Sunless tanning uses airbrush technology that can give a vibrant and natural glow to your skin for five to seven days. It uses natural ingredients, which makes it safe for the skin.

SunbathingWhen you go sunbathing on a quest for a summer tan, there are certain sacrifices that you need to do. First, you need to stand the sun’s heat for several hours. Then, you are probably getting a sunburn, which is painful and nasty. Also, there is a huge possibility that your tan won’t be even because of your positioning. So really, would you rather go through all that, than go for the easy and fast way?

Sunless tanning can hit all your right spots to make the tan even, minus the heat of the sun and the pain of sunburn. It’s a win-win. So, learn how to save your skin and take note of these 15 techniques to get the most of your sunless tanning:

Before The Session:

1. Do Not Shave

Do not shave a day before the visit to the tanning parlor. Do it two to three days prior to the session. Shaving will open up your pores, and that will make the tanning substance enter your skin.

Shower2. Clean Up And Exfoliate

Shower before going to the tanning parlor, so that you can remove any dirt clinging to the skin. Exfoliate your skin to take off the dead skin that may still be on your skin.

This is to make sure that the spray tan gets to the fresh and clean skin to make the tanning even, and make the results radiant and glowing.

Apply Lotion3. Apply Lotion And Moisturizer At Least 2 Hours Before

Sunless tanning will not look good on dry skin. It will make it look like it is sunburned, which is not a great overall look.

Before going to the tanning parlor, apply lotion to your body parts that will be exposed to the spray tan. Apply moisturizer to your face, too.

This is to ensure that you keep your skin moisturized. That could lead to a good tanning result. Well-moisturized skin will make the tan all the more radiant.

4. Apply Petroleum Jelly To Skin Bends

When you go under the spray tan, there are possibilities of color build up, especially to the skin bends or the nail cuticle areas. This is very much avoidable. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin bends like the joint areas where they bend to avoid the excessive color build up. Color build up will make the overall tanning effect look bad and not natural. Make sure that you apply petroleum jelly to avoid this issue.

5. Do Not Put On Make Up

Make UpYou want to look pretty when you go out and go to the tanning parlor. That’s understandable. But you need to make sacrifices to get the tan that you want.

Do not put make up on prior to going to the parlor. The chemicals in the make up will counteract the effects of the spray tan and will ruin the result of the tanning.

At the same time, avoid putting make up on for four to six hours after the tanning session. This is to make sure that the color is set on your skin. With the glow that you have with your tan, who needs make up on anyway?

6. Do Not Use Deodorant Or Perfume

Just like make up, deodorant and perfume will not be good when it mixes with the spray tan. Do not put on deodorant or perfume before the tanning session so as not to ruin the effects of the tanning.

Also, do not apply any of these four to six hours after the session. This is to make sure that the color is set on your skin before applying any other substances that can counteract the results of the tanning spray.

During The Session:

7. Wear Small Underwear

Wear Small UnderwearThe process of sunless tanning is by going in a room and being sprayed with the tan color that you will choose. That means you will be sprayed overall. That also means that you can get the even tan that you have always wanted.

To get the even tan all over, even on the deepest corners of your body, it is best to wear as little undergarments as possible. Wear small underwear for the spray tan to reach farther and make the tan even.

8. Protect Your Eyes

The eyes don’t get to be tanned. No, not even on the natural way of getting a tan do the eyes get involved. Make sure your eyes are protected by spray protection goggles. This are mostly provided by the tanning parlor and is part of the preparation process. Before going in the tanning room, be sure you have your goggles with you and already have them on.

9. Close Your Mouth And Cover Your Lips

Close Your MouthAh, you would not want to eat any of that spray tan, would you? No matter how many natural ingredients it says it has, it is still not made to be edible.

That means when you go inside the tanning room, close your mouth the whole time to avoid eating the tanning substance. Another thing that you should do is to put on lip balm. Lip balm will protect the lips from the tanning substance and prevent it getting color on the lips. Your lips should not be a part of the tanning process so be sure that it is covered.

10. Put On Nose Plugs

You may or may not like the smell of the spray tan. Either way, it is best if you do not inhale it. Put on nose plugs to prevent you from inhaling the spray tan while the tanning process is ongoing. This can be provided by the parlor or you can bring one yourself. Make sure you have one on during the tanning session.

After The Session:

11. Wear Loose Clothes

Loose ClothesAfter the session, you would want the color to set on your skin to make it look natural. Wear loose clothes to avoid the fabric from rubbing on your skin and rubbing off the color. Loose clothes will feel cooler and prevent you from sweating, which is something you should also avoid after a tanning session.

Another thing to avoid wearing are light-colored clothes. This is mainly to avoid staining your clothes with the spray tan.

12. Do Not Wear An Underwire Bra

Underwire bras will leave a mark on the skin under your breasts. That will rub off the color of the tan after the session. As much as possible, wear non-wire bras that are loose and just enough for there to be breathing space on your skin. This will keep the tan from rubbing off, especially a few hours after the tanning session.

Flip-Flops11. Use Flip-Flops

The tanning will more than likely reach your feet and toes. After the session, do not wear closed shoes as they may rub off the color on your feet and make the color uneven. Wear flip-flops in the mean time to make sure that the color is set.

12. Don’t Sweat Yet

Wetting the skin is a no-no after a tanning session. This will more than likely wash off the tan and ruin all your hard work in getting your radiant and natural glow.

SweatMake sure you avoid sweating out for four to six hours after the session. This is to make sure that the color has set before you get wet. Avoid going to hot places or going under the sun for the mean time.

At the same time, do not take a bath for four to six hours, as well. Water will wash off the tanning color, so basically, in the next six hours, do not get yourself wet.

13. Moisturize Three Times A Day

Once the color has set after six hours, you are good to go. You can go out and flaunt your natural tan with that chic summer look. Will all these helpful tips, you will be able to maintain the radiance of your tan.

Moisturize Your SkinTo maintain the radiance and glow of the tan, moisturize your skin three times a day. This is to avoid dryness and to make your skin look fresh and vibrant all day.

Why go through a painful sunburn, hot Mr. Sun and the uncomfortable process of getting a tan, when you can get one in a quick, pain-free and hassle-free way?

Sunless tanning can give you the radiant and natural glow that you seek from sunbathing, but even better. Get that natural tan and work that summer glow like a pro.