15 Things You Need to Change About Your Skincare Routine

15 Things You Need to Change About Your Skincare Routine

Exfoliate, wash, moisturize, apply facial cream, repeat. If you have this routine for your skincare, then your skin is already pretty awesome, right? Wrong. Just because you apply every skincare product that claims they are good for your skin, it does not mean you already possess a glowing and radiant facade. There’s a phrase for that and it’s called “overdoing it.”

skincare routineThen there are those who have skincare routines that are generally lacking in the skincare department. Like not taking off your makeup before sleeping, because the makeup you’re using is hypoallergenic anyway. There are many ways that you can go wrong in your skincare routine, even if you think you are doing the right things.

Hard to believe so? Here are 15 things that you need to change about your skincare routine because they are just not good for you:

1. Too Much Exfoliation

Exfoliation is good, right? It’s highly and generally advisable because it is one way of cleaning off the dirt from your skin that water cannot reach. It also takes off the dead skin that clings to you like a shell. So why is too much exfoliation not good?

Basically, too much of anything is not good. Yes, even exfoliation. When you rub these particles on your skin one too many times every day, you are also making the skin raw and more vulnerable to bacteria and dirt. Cut back on the exfoliating routine, okay?

2. Pinching Your Face

Many women do this, because pinching your face will give you a natural blush. Who needs a chemical-induced blusher, right? Well, you are better off with these hypoallergenic blushers, rather than pinching your face, really. Pinching your face regularly might give you a blush, but you know what else it would give you? It can be a source of skin irritations. It can also be a source of bruises if you pinch too much. Here’s a deal-breaker: pinching the skin will lead to the early formation of wrinkles. Not good.

3. Not Washing Your Face Before Going To Bed

Washing Your FaceThis is a mistake that most of us commonly do. Some ladies may not wear makeup and think this exempts them from needing to clean up the face before going to bed.

But the truth is that your face is exposed to all types of dirt, bacteria and germs all day, which makes it vulnerable to acne and diseases. If you don’t clean them out, you’re giving them permission to invade your skin.

4. Sleeping With Makeup On

You may think that because the makeup you use is hypoallergenic, that makes it safe. Newsflash: it’s not. No matter how natural the makeup claims to be, it still is made with chemicals. When you sleep at night, your skin secretes oil that is a natural process of the body. Although these are healthy oil, when mixed with foreign chemicals, may not create good results; thus, the formation of acne, zits and other skin problems.

5. Popping Out Those Zits

Popping Out Those ZitsOh, this is such a tempting thing to do, especially if the pimple is at its peak and ready to be picked anytime. But don’t.

Popping out zits will not allow them to go through the natural phase. This can cause scars on your face or other parts where your pimples grow. Let them heal on their own.

6. Using Old And Dirty Makeup Brushes

This is a common mistake that many women make. You use old make up brushes because they are softer. You think your face and makeup methods are more accustomed to them already.

Plus, you keep them tucked safely in a clean space, so why should you bother? Well, here’s why: makeup brushes are sponges when it comes to germs, dirt and dust.

Think about it. As these brushes soak in the dust, you also use these brushes on your face. Where does all the dust and dirt go? That’s right, all over your face.

7. Having Hair All Over Your Face

Your hair is your crowning glory and all that cliché. You want to flaunt your hair in every way possible, that’s great. But please clear your face with any of your stray hair.

Having Hair All Over Your FaceYour hair may be smooth and soft, but it can still irritate the delicate skin of your face or your neck. You ever feel itchy on your neck when there’s nothing really there? That would be your hair.

When you sleep, too, make sure you tie your hair or keep it away from your face to prevent skin irritations.

8. Not Using Sunscreen

Believing that sunscreen only applies to summer time is wrong. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays do not only happen in the summer. It happens every time you expose yourself under the heat of the sun. That means you need to make sure your skin is protected every time you go out. Yes, that means you need to use sunscreen regularly.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important factor for skincare. Getting the right amount of sleep every night will keep your blood circulation and systems healthy.

If you are healthy inside, you will surely glow on the outside. To add to that, lack of sleep will give you dark circles under your eyes, a fatigued look, dry skin and an overall aged look.

10. Not Knowing What Skin Products You Are Using

This is a big no-no when it comes to skin care. If you are really concerned about the wellness of your skin, you don’t just apply any cream available on the market, just because it claims to be good.

Not KnowingDo your research about the product or ask your doctor for recommendations. Anything is practically available online today.

Before applying any facial cream, no matter how effective it may look, research about it on the internet. Look at reviews and feedback about the product to see if it is effective on the type of skin that you have. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

11. Using The Wrong Skincare Products

Skincare ProductsNot all skincare products are good for your type of skin. Take this for example: if you have dry skin on your face, do not use an anti-oil product because you want to prevent oiliness.

No. These products are made to fight the problem, not prevent them, and they dry out the skin.

If you want to prevent any skin problems, the best thing you could do is to live healthy, avoid vices, eat more antioxidants and take your vitamins.

12. Eating Oily Foods

Oily FoodsIf you think eating will only affect your weight and nothing else, then you’re wrong. Eating unhealthy foods, especially the oily dishes, can and will show on your skin eventually.

This is where oily skin comes from. We all know what comes after oily skin, right? That’s right: acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, as well as many other skin problems.

Eating oily foods may be bad for your health and for your skin, too. Be sure to cut back on the oil and eat more healthy foods.

13. Not Moisturizing Your Face

Dry skin is an invitation to skin problems. If you have dry skin, your skin will be sensitive to irritation and itchiness. That is the start of skin problems. It is important that you moisturize your skin all the time.

Moisturize your skin in the morning and before your sleep at night. Apart from washing your face with water, it is also good to wash apply moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized will also prevent oiliness and acne.

14. Taking Extra Hot Showers

ShowersWhile a hot shower may be relaxing and tempting to have at the end of a long and stressful day, an extra hot shower on a regular basis may not exactly be advisable when it comes to skincare.

Taking a hot shower every day will keep your pores open, and that makes them vulnerable to bacteria. That can lead to a host of skin problems.

Reserve those long and extra hot showers on the most dreadful of days to keep your skin healthy and to prevent skin problems.

15. Overloading Skin Treatments

In the attempt to keep your skin healthy and clear, one common mistake that some people do is to overload on the skin treatment.

To emphasize, it’s a treatment. That means it should be done only to treat something that needs attention.

If you don’t have skin problems, why bother with applying these skin treatment creams? You are just making the skin immune to these treatments and medicines that when the time comes when you really need them, your skin won’t react to them anymore. Use skin treatments only if really necessary.

If you think that your skin is already good, but found a few things to mark off this list, you can bet your skin can look even better. Skincare is an easy task, as long as you know what products or routine your skin is comfortable with. So start optimizing your skincare routine and be on your way to a better, more radiant and glowing skin.