20 Skin Healing Foods That Fight Ugly Scar Formation

20 Skin Healing Foods That Fight Ugly Scar Formation

It’s always horrible when we get unsightly scars from burns, cuts and other injuries. These marks tarnish our bodies and can often make us less confident about the way we look. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to get through life without earning a few scars along the way.

When you injure your skin, the scarring process is part of your body’s natural response. Some scientists believe that certain people are genetically more likely to scar than others, but research is ongoing into this subject. Sadly, scar tissues tend to be weaker and more fragile than the rest of your skin. Scarred areas are often unable to develop hair strands or sweat glands. This can make these areas even more unsightly and difficult to deal with.

Fortunately though, you can heal scar tissue and fade away those marks with the right skin treatment. You just need to follow our advice down below, but first let’s take a closer look at the scar healing process.

The Three Stages Of Scar Tissue Healing

1.Scar Inflammatory Phase: This is the earliest stage in the process, where the wound has ceased to bleed. At this point, your body is sending white blood cells to the area to prevent any infection.
Your body will also begin to develop collagen to repair the affected area. Because the body will send the high amount of blood to the wound, it will often appear red and inflamed.

2. Proliferative Phase:In this phase, your body will take the collagen it has produced, and start using it. The wound will be naturally close up. Besides that, the damaged blood vessels below the surfacewill also be repaired.

3. Maturation Phase:For the last phase, your body helps the area to return to a more normal state by removing any excess collagen. At the end of this phase, the scar will be less visible overall. The process can take longer than a year in some cases.

Start Eating Skin Healing Foods

Skin Healing FoodsTo give this healing process a little boost, all you need to do is start munching on some special foods or applying them to your skin directly.

The nutrients you put into your body helps to fight infection, build new cells, develop collagen and speed up the extra processes to make your scars fade away more effectively.

Here are the top skin healing foods for you to try:

1. Coconut Oil Can Boost Collagen Production

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, which helps to fight off any free radicals in the body. Free radicals are dangerous elements that can slow down to the healing process, so you should get rid of them to heal the scar early.

In addition, coconut oil encourages your body to produce extra collagen, which helps to repair the damage. This collagen also works to build new cells. To get the benefits of this oil, try heating a small amount for 10 seconds in the microwave. Then, applyit to the scarred area while massaging gently. Do this a few times each day.

2. Aloe Vera Will Sooth Your Scars

Aloe VeraAloe vera has developed a reputation as being one of the best products for your skin. It helps to sooth pain and redness while providing plenty of healthy elements. Scars will become less visible with the regular use of aloe extract.

To use aloe vera correctly, cut a leaf in half and then extract the gel. Squeeze it out onto your wound and massage it into the skin. After a short while, you can rinse it off. Do this a few times per day for best results.

3. Vitamin E Helps Your Skin Stay Strong And Smooth

Vitamin E is one of the most effective vitamins for the removal of scar tissue. It helps to boost collagen levels and also acts as a moisturizer, helping your skin to look and feel its best at all times. To use vitamin E, you can include foods like almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts in your diet, or you could also try applying a vitamin E cream to your body.

Vitamin EYou might also consider using the natural skin creams available at www.DermeffaceFX7.com. This effective product contains an array of super ingredients, all designed to heal scars and give your skin a beautiful glow.

The regular use of DermeffaceFX7 will rejuvenate your skin cells and fade the discoloration of your scar remarkably.

4. Cocoa Butter Is An Effective Moisturizer

Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in many skin creams as it works as an effective moisturizer for the skin.It also contains vitamin E to give your skin an extra boost. All you need to do is rub the butter into your skin each day.

5. Lemon Juice Is The Perfect Product For Skin Healing

Lemon juice actually has bleach-like properties. This bleaching property helps to fade the appearance of nasty red or dark marks on your skin. It also contains some super acids which remove dead cells from your body, allowing the fresh cells beneath to come to the surface. To use this product, you just need to apply a small amount to your scar. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes before washing it off. Afterwards, use a good moisturizing cream.

6. Honey Is A Sweet Treat For Your Skin

HoneyHoney is an efficacious skin renovator as it contains lots of beneficial nutrients. Experts believe that honey can help with the circulatory system, among other things, and it’s also amazing at protecting your skin.

It works by fighting off infection and speeding up the healing process. You can find lots of creams that contain honey to use on your scars. Besides, if you are inclined to use it in a pure form, you can massage a small amount of raw honey onto your skin.

7. Sandalwood Powder Can Make Scars Disappear

Sandalwood powder is an increasingly common product that offers safe and natural treatment for a variety of ailments. Fortunately, this powder is quite effective at healing the skin. It encourages cell regeneration and in turns smoothen your skin surface.

To use it effectively, mix a tablespoon of powder with a bit of rosewater to prepare a paste. Apply this to the scar and leave it on overnight, before washing it off in the morning.

8. Tea Tree Oil Heals Your Damaged Skin Cells

Tea Tree OilYou might see tea tree oil in plenty of skin creams in your local health store. Tea tree oil is a useful product for scar treatment since it offers lots of benefits for the skin.

Try adding a few drops of oil to a cup of warm water and then wash the scar with this mixture. Repeat this process twice a day for a month.

9. Lavender Oil Boosts The Production Of New Cells

Lavender oil is a wonderful product for skin regeneration. This oil helps scars fade away by encouraging your skin to make new cells to replace the damaged ones. To use this oil, apply a few drops directly to the scar and rub it on gently.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Scars Fade Away

Apple cider vinegar is an awesome product for scar treatment. It acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and helping the new ones to rise to the surface.

You need to put a few drops of ACV on a cotton bud and rub the product onto the scar. Leave it there for a little while before rinsing away and moisturizing.

11. Carotenoids Gives Your Skin Stronger Protection

Foods that are rich in carotenoids are effective at healing and protecting your skin. Some examples include scrumptious fruits like watermelon, papaya and guava. You can eat these delicacies in various ways. The nutrients present in these fruits help to provide an extra layer of protection to your skin. This way, your skin will be able to heal itself without taking any extra damage from outside factors like the sun.

12. Vitamin C Is Vital For Great-Looking Skin

Vitamin CVitamin C is a vital element in the bodily process of collagen production. Collagen is considerably important as it gives our skin strength and elasticity.

Your body needs to produce a lot of collagen to repair skin damage and build new cells, so it’s imperative to get plenty of vitamin C in your diet.

You can find this vitamin in citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons, but you can also find it in various other flavorsome produce like broccoli, peppers and more. Just add these foods to your meals each day or drink a glass of orange juice with breakfast to get your daily dose of this essential vitamin.

13. Vitamin B Will Help You Look Your Best

If you don’t have enough vitamin B in your body, your scars will probably stick around a lot longer. This is because B-complex vitamins help in the healing process and play a vital role in the development of new skin cells. Studies have shown that healthy skin relies on the presence of these vitamins. In addition, vitamin B also helps collagen to act more effectively and repair cells quickly.

Fortunately, you can get your daily dose of vitamin B in a variety of ways. These vitamins are present in lots of delicious fruits and vegetables like peas, broccoli, avocado and sweet potatoes. You can also find them in lean meat and fish, along with cereals and dairy products.

14. Vitamin A Gives Your Collagen Levels A Helping Hand

eggsVitamin A is extremely necessary for collagen production. This vitamin also helps the cells located in scarred areas to become stronger, which works to accelerate the recovery process. This in turns make the scar less visible.

You can find vitamin A in products like cod liver oil, eggs and milk. However, experts recommend you speak to a health care provider before consuming too much of vitamin A, as it can interfere with certain medical procedures.

15. Zinc Is A Powerful Mineral For Scar Treatment

Zinc plays a major role in the development of collagen and proteins in the body. New skin cells need plenty of protein and collagen to stay strong, so you need lots of zinc to heal a scar. You can find zinc in meaty foods like oysters, liver and pork, but it is also present in nuts and seeds.

16. Turmeric Can Heal Your Skin’s Ailments

TurmericTurmeric is extremely popular in Eastern countries for cooking and medical treatment. Now, people in the West have also started using it after realizing the effectiveness of this miraculous spice. Turmeric boosts the scar recovery process because it is a powerful antioxidant.

You can add turmeric to your meals. Besides, you can drink it after mixing a teaspoonful of turmeric with a glass of water. You can also create a paste of turmeric with water, which you can apply directly to a scar. Instead of water, you can make paste using honey, milk, or yogurt as well.

17. Gooseberry or Amla Paste Can Calm Your Inflammations

Amla is extensively wides pread in Eastern countries to heal the skin from wounds and scars.You can find the powdered form of Indian gooseberry in health stores. You can make the paste by adding a few drops of water in the powdered gooseberry. You just need to apply this paste to the skin and rinse it off after a short while. For best results, you can use this paste on relatively fresh wounds.

18. Nuts And Seeds Give You A Daily Dose Of Healthy Oils

NutsTo keep your skin looking and feeling its best, you need to make sure that your daily diet includes some healthy oils. These oils are vital for the development of sweat glands in the skin, which actually help to prevent infection and keep your bodies safe.

If you want your scars to heal quickly then omega oils are necessary. You can find them in various nuts and seeds, but be sure to eat raw nuts rather than grilled and salted ones. This is because the latter varieties contain lots of unhealthy elements that won’t be good for your body. Try sprinkling some nuts over a salad or meal, or just eat them as a snack.

19. Iron Makes Wounds Heal Faster

Studies have shown that people with a deficiency of iron tend to heal more slowly. This is because iron helps our blood to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body. Wounds need a good blood supply to heal quickly, so you should give yourselves lots of iron each day. You can find the abundant supply of this mineral in lots of vegetables and lean meats.

20. Keep Yourself Hydrated To Help Your Body

Keep Yourself HydratedOur last tip is to drink lots and lots of water. Water is one of the most essential elements in our bodies and it is indispensable for nearly every single process.

To heal quickly and effectively, you need to keep yourself hydrated each day. Try to cut down on sodas and alcohol, as these drinks can have negative effects on the body. Instead, challenge yourself to drink eight glasses of water every day.

Scars won’t disappear overnight. You need to be patient with these tips and tricks to witness noticeable result. With a bit of time and patience, you will notice your skin rejuvenating and recovering. In addition, most of the foods and products on this list also offer lots of other wonderful benefits for your body, so it makes sense to include them in your daily life.

You should also remember that the best thing to do with any medical problem is to consult an expert. Before you start taking new supplements and applying new creams to your body, talk to your doctor about it and get some professional advice.