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14 Strategies for Younger Looking Skin as You Grow Older

As you grow older, you will have enough stuff to deal with that will keep your mind busy. Although looking and staying young is one of your main, personal goals, sometimes life takes your mind off it while you deal with more pressing matters. That should not be the case. Better yet, keeping your youthful glow should not be so hard. True, there are a lot of modern, technological, expensive and quick ways to youthfulness, but they’re mostly for the rich and famous.


12 Strategies for Putting Butt Acne Scars Behind You for Good  

When you hear the term acne, the first thing that comes to your mind is pimples on your face. After all, where else are they supposed to go? Unfortunately, pimples are not limited to your face. They could spread down to your neck, shoulders, back, and yes, even to your butt.


10 Little Things to Know About Large Keloids and Their Treatment

Ever had those deep cuts and wounds when you were young that remained as scars on your skin as you grew older? They are more than just scars. They are these dark bumps on the skin where the wound used to be and they are hard, but you don’t feel any pain when you touch them. They are called keloids.


10 Daily Solutions for Keeping Your Face Scar Free for Life  

You have to commend your body for its ability to heal on its own. No matter how many times you get wounded, bruised, cut and scraped, your skin will be able to regenerate and healitself. You will also be able to say goodbye to the pimples you had five years ago. After all, most wounds don’t last forever.