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5 Cool Burn Prevention Tips Hot Off the Grill     

What is summer without a little barbecue? Burgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, watermelon and all that backyard fun can complete the perfect summer barbecue. People often worry about the sun and bugs while barbecuing, but there is actually another hazard you should be worried about: burning at the barbecue itself.


Tattoo Transformations: When Mastectomy Scars Become Works of Skin Art

Sometime in May 2013, Angelina Jolie shocked the whole world when she revealed she had double mastectomy surgery to prevent breast cancer. The odds were not in her favor since she is 86 percent at risk of getting the disease and lost her mother from breast cancer. The procedure is among the many ways she was willing try to keep herbody healthy.


Summertime Blues: 14 Sizzling Strategies for Accident and Burn Prevention

Summer is the best time to go out and play in the sun with your family and friends. Because of the clear weather, you can go to the beach, the park, go hiking or camping and enjoy the great outdoors. There are also many fun and social activities that you can do at home or within your neighborhood. You can have a barbecue, and grill steaks and burgers with friends under the afternoon sun, while the children play by the pool. Yes, summer is truly ideal.


Stitches and Scrapes: 11 Skin Tips to Let Your Child Grow Up Scar Free   

Everyone knows that it’s a fact that children are the most reckless creatures you will meet. One minute, your daughter is riding a bike and the next thing you know, she falls flat on the ground with wounds on her knees. Even your toddler’s vocabulary does not include “caution,” especially when they continuously jump on the bed until they fall and bump their head.


First-Degree Burns: 12 Great Steps to Stop Scarring in Its Ugly Tracks

First-degree burns are like the toddlers of the “burn” department. They are not exactly serious as compared to higher degree burns but they can still be prominent. First-degree burns can happen when, for instance, you touch a hot pot and immediately withdraw your hand because of the sudden searing pain. When your skin turns red or becomes dry, and you feel pain on it long after you touched the pot, it can be considered as a first-degree burn.