Get Rid of Acne Scars: Invasive Vs. Non-Invasive Methods

Get Rid of Acne Scars: Invasive Vs. Non-Invasive Methods

Scars that arise from acne are a bit like double punishment since it first started as a pimple which is complicated to deal with depending on the type of acne.

After the pimples, they then turn into scars which are there permanently. Now that could be one very hassling situation for all individuals.

embarrassment Having acne scars could be an embarrassment for all individuals. That is why many people are always looking for the best treatments to get rid of acne scars.

Luckily, there are many treatments out there that aim to remove acne scars so that people can boost up their confidence when it comes to their skin. Learn more about acne scars and how they form. Also, find out how to remove acne scars so that you can feel better about your skin.

What Should I Know about Acne Scars?

You may already know that acne scars came from pimples that are more severe compared to the other types. Before understanding how acne scars form, you must first under the different types of acne.

Acne is basically lesions that start to form if a hair follicle (also known as a pore) on the skin becomes clogged up with dead skin cells, oils and / or bacteria. If you have acne, you might already know what it looks like. They give off a pinkish to reddish color that surrounds a bump or in more severe cases pus-pilled bumps.

The Different Types of Acne Are The Following:

The first type of acne is mild acne which is commonly seen as a white head or black head. You may not notice it but your face and other parts of your body might have several white heads and / or blackheads all throughout. This is basically the first stage of acne.

The second kind of acne is moderate acne which could start showing a red inflamed pimple also known as a papule. If the infection becomes a bit more irritated, a white center that is pus-filled could start to form which is also known as a pustule.

The more severe form of acne is called severe acne which is also known as nodules. This type of acne is a bit more painful and could be bigger in size. They are also pus-filled and could start developing cysts.

Acne scars do not occur unless the pimples are in the category of moderate to severe acne. The reason behind that is because scarring occurs when wounds are beyond the superficial layers of the skin and are a bit deeper. Deep acne wounds could lead to permanent scars.

Could Acne Scars Cause Psychological Effects?

put on layers of makeupAcne scars could usually cause psychological effects for many individuals especially if they are constantly in front of other people. Having acne and acne scars tend to make people more conscious about the affected areas of their body.

The tendency of some is to put on layers of makeup to somehow make the acne and acne scars less noticeable. But there are times that the marks are a bit harder to hide especially if they are severe. People could start having low self-esteem, low confidence and could be embarrassed to go out.

This could harm relationships and also a person’s work life since it calls to be out around the office and deal with co-workers and other people. There are even some people that are affected so much that it could cause depression.

How To Get Rid of Acne Scars?

First rule when you develop a pimple anywhere on your body. Do not touch, pick or squeeze it. If ever you feel like you need to, you could go to a dermatologist to get it treated properly.

The thing is, when you start touching your pimples, it could irritate it more and cause an infection that is much worse. Acne scarring occurs with severe acne, but people who always pick at their mild or moderate acne could also cause acne scarring after it starts healing.

There are several methods on how people nowadays could remove acne scars. There are products that are out on the internet and your local drug store.

There are also non-invasive and invasive treatments that could help you with removing acne scars, but the price ranges might be a bit higher compared to the products that you could buy online or at pharmacies.

talk to your health care professionalAnother rule to remember is to always talk to your health care professional about the possible products and treatments that you could use in getting rid of acne scars.

The reason for that is because some products and treatments may claim to work but in reality they might be damaging your skin more. Doctors and specialists know more about your condition and how to remove acne scars better than any other person.

Products such as SkinCeuticals and Dermefface FX7 are doctor-recommended and work safely and effectively. Each product depends on the type of acne scar that a person has.

Some creams and oils might be better used for scars that are lighter while other products are better for those scars that are darker in color. Consult this question with a dermatologist to have an idea of what works best.

There Are Also Treatments That Could Help in Getting Rid of Acne Scars. Such Treatments Are the Following:

  • Laser treatments use beams that destroy the outer part of skin’s layer.
    Laser treatmentsThere are different laser intensities depending on the scars severity and type
  • Energy-based treatments such as radiofrequency devices and pulsed light sources which create new skin without causing further damage to other layers of the skin
  • Dermabrasion which removes the top later of the skin with a wire brush that is rapidly rotating
  • Surgery is an invasive type of procedure that is used in some cases of scars. They are done when scars are more deeper than usual
  • Tissue fillers are done when collagen or fat is injected under the person’s skin and into the acne scars which help fill them out and stretch out the skin thus making the scars less visible

Find the product and / or treatment to get rid of acne scars. Talk to your dermatologist about what your best option is so that you can make it less visible to yourself and other people.