Get Rid of Scars: 6 Modern Medical Treatments for Anyone

Get Rid of Scars: 6 Modern Medical Treatments for Anyone

Have you noticed that you might have scars all throughout different areas of your body? Some may be a couple centimetres long while the others are a bit larger in length and width. A majority of people on earth probably have a few scars or so all throughout their bodies.

Having a scar is a normal part of your skin’s wound healing which depends on the wound’s depth and severity.

Is there a way to get rid of scars?Since everybody has scars, the next question on people’s minds is “is there a way to get rid of scars?” Since there has been a constant obsession to somehow lessen the appearance of scars for many people, there have been many companies that have formulated various products that aim to do just that.

Getting rid of scars is now actually possible because of all the treatments that are made available nowadays.

Before we get started on the treatments that are now safe and effective for getting rid of scars, let us all have a brief but concise discussion about what scars are and why people develop them.

What Are Scars?

Scarring is a normal process of wound repair for the skin. It happens to all individual’s on the face of the planet that have experienced a deep wound.

ScarsScars start forming when there is damage to the dermis which is the deeper layer of the skin.

Be reminded that wounds that occur on the epidermis or the superficial portion of the skin will not develop into a scar.

If you have noticed, scars form in a very different way. It pretty much alters the structure of the skin into a thicker and sturdier structure which is more than a change in the skin color.

That is why there are so many people that want to be rid of scars because of how they look. Some scars are not as obvious while others are very much noticed by everyone.

Are There Different Types Of Scars?

GeneticThere is only one kind of scar. A scar’s appearance really depends on the wound’s nature in where it got damaged. Besides that factor, it also depends on the anatomical area where the wound is located and also genetic factors of every person.

When the healing process is defective, a structure called a “keloid” could start to develop instead. You might have seen a keloid before. It is described to be a thick, abnormally structured, red and knobby bump that could develop over some period of time.

There are some people that are more prone to keloids compared to other people. Keloids are also larger compared to its original wound.

What Causes a Scar?

Like mentioned, a scar is the normal process of healing that the skin goes through.

People that are more prone to keloids depend on genetics and also the depth of the wound’s damage.

How Can A Scar Be Diagnosed?

The best way to diagnose a scar is by visually inspecting it. There are only a couple rare situations where in a scar would actually have to be examined under a microscope to check if it really is a scar.

A skin biopsy of the scar would be necessary in that case. But normally, scars could be seen easily by the naked eye. Some may be lighter compared to other scars but it is still obvious to what it is.

How To Get Rid Of Scars Through Treatments?

Since people are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to “getting rid” of their scars, companies have made its money because of that very reason.

But if you are one of those individuals that want to find a scar removal treatment, you have to realize that scars cannot disappear completely. It is possible to lighten the scars color and somehow shrink it, but to permanently remove the damage done to the skin is pretty much impossible. Scars are quite stubborn and there is really no single treatment that works best for everyone. Since everybody’s skin is different from one another, treatments depend on a person’s skin type and also the damage that was done to the skin’s layers.

There are 6 popular treatments in today’s market:

  • CreamsScar removal creams and lotions such as Dermefface FX7 and other products that are safe and effective to lessen the appearance of scars
  • Laser treatments uses laser beams to destroy the skin’s outer layer. The prices vary when it comes to laser treatments and less intense lasers cause less damage but they might also be less effective
  • Radiofrequency devices and pulsed light sources could also help in creating new skin without causing harm to the skin’s outer later. After a few treatments, the scar may seem less visible
  • Dermabrasion is a procedure that takes away the top portion of the skin by a fast rotating wire brush. The scars that are at the surface may be removed completely while the deeper scars may appear less noticeable.
  • Surgery is done in some rare cases since it is a bit more invasive and costs more money.
    SurgeryThere is a punch excision which removes acne scars. Skin grafts are also done for severe scars
  • Tissue fillers are also available for those who want to get rid of scars. This is done by injecting collagen and / or fat under the skin and into the scars to fill it out and somehow stretch the skin. The results are temporary for this treatment and it should be redone after some time

The best thing you can do before starting off any type of treatment is to talk to your dermatologist about your options.

Since they know more about skin types and about products and methods of getting rid of scars, they are the people you should ask questions to. So if you are stressing out about your scars and want to lessen its visibility, you could consult with your dermatologist and ask about your possible options.