21 Happy Healthy Skin Tips for Lazy Folks Who Don't Want to Fuss

21 Happy Healthy Skin Tips for Lazy Folks Who Don’t Want to Fuss

Taking care of your skin is a must. While all of us want the kind of skin featured in cosmetic commercials, not all people are willing to follow a tedious skincare regimen. Following a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to skincare is practical, economical, and it saves you from taking tedious steps to have healthy skin.

For those people who want to achieve better-looking skin that wouldn’t require them to a lot of heavy lifting, here are 21 healthy skin tips that you can do without disrupting your daily routine.

1. Practice Proper Makeup Hygiene: Wash Brushes at Least Every Two Weeks

makeup brushesIf you are constantly suffering from breakouts, but you are practicing proper hygiene, your makeup brushes may be to blame. One study found out that about 72 percent of women don’t wash their used makeup sponges and brushes. These makeup tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and they may be the cause of those pesky pimples.

Foundation brushes need cleanup at least once a week, while your powder brushes require cleaning every two weeks. Always wash your brushes in lukewarm water. You can pour in shampoo or a mild facial cleanser in a cup of water and swirl your brushes around. Rinse in another cup of warm water and air dry those brushes.

2. Wipe Smartphones Clean: A Sanitized Phone Means Less Breakouts

At this era, almost every person is using a smartphone. What we don’t realize is that those gadgets are carrying a lot of germs. The screen is the best breeding ground for bacteria. This means that each time you pick up the phone to answer a call, those germs are in contact with your face.

While you can always go hands-free, chatting with your phone next to your cheek is quite instinctive. One of the most effective healthy skin tips to protect yourself from skin irritation is to clean your smartphone with antibacterial wipes a few times a day. Even if you think that doing this is too hygienic, it’s a preventive measure to keep your skin clear.

3. Stock Up on Soy Milk: Reduce Eye Swelling with Soy Proteins

For those who are always up all night, looking fresh is the biggest challenge. If you are dealing with bloodshot eyes, take out the soy milk from the fridge and pour some in a bowl. Take out two cotton balls, soak them up with milk and place them over your eyes for about five minutes.

This quick fix could reduce swelling and inflammation which also makes it a great remedy if you have irritated skin in other areas. Soy proteins help keep skin hydrated and it could make crow’s feet less prominent. Cold temperature could constrict veins in the eye so you don’t look straight out of a zombie movie.

4. Exfoliate with Mild Acids: Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells with Alpha Hydroxyl Acids

Any serious skin care regimen should include exfoliation since the skin loses its ability to get rid of dead skin cells over time. While you can go for natural scrubs, it would also be great to help out natural enzymes with alpha hydroxyl acids or AHAs. AHAs help your skin get rid of the dead layers to show off healthier skin.

For exfoliation, you could use either lactic or glycolic acid. These two are milder AHAs that you can safely use at home. Choose a product with an 8 percent concentration to get the best results. Products with a higher concentration are too strong for your skin.

If you need a product which is strong enough to reduce the appearance of scars, Dermefface FX7 may be a good choice. This product helps patients who are struggling with various skin issues, although you should consult your skin doctor first to ensure that it would be safe to try the product on your skin.

5. Wear Your Sunnies: No Squinting Means Lower Chances of Developing Wrinkles

pair of sunglassesIf you need another valid excuse to splurge on a new pair of sunglasses, blow up some cash in the name of younger skin. For people concerned over skin health, wearing sunnies can help since you wouldn’t do a lot of squinting which could lead to the development of wrinkles.

The skin around the eyes is so thin and many signs of aging manifest around that area. Although sunscreen is effective, sunglasses provide more protection on the area around the eyes. The best choice would be polarized glasses that are large enough to cover the orbital area.

6. Steer Clear of Aging Fats: Lean Proteins Promote Younger Looking Skin

A healthy skin diet is necessary to maintain radiant skin. According to various studies, you will have a higher chance of developing wrinkles when you are constantly snacking on fatty and high carb foods.

On the same note, red meat and cream cheese are particularly bad for skin. These foods lead to the appearance of more wrinkles that could make you look older. This is why they have been dubbed as aging fats.

If you want to maintain radiant skin, you should try to restrict your diet and try to eat more white meat. Try to stick to lean proteins including beans, lentils, fish and tofu.

7. Invest in Humidifiers: Discover the Skin Benefits of Moist Air

HumidifiersIf you are having issues with dry skin, the air inside your room may be the culprit. In winter when the air is too dry, running a humidifier all through the night is a great idea. Since these machines add moisture in the air, you can wake up to supple and hydrated skin.

The benefits of using a humidifier don’t end there. If you suffer from allergies, nasal congestion, or sinusitis the extra moisture could help relieve your condition. Overall, the moist air would make breathing easier and help you get a good night’s sleep.

8. Moisturize According to Season: Achieve Healthier Skin by Hydrating as Needed

If you are keeping close watch of your skin’s hydration, you are probably into using moisturizers. When it comes to these hydrating products, you need to remember that you need to change your moisturizer depending on the time of the year. In fact, you would need a different moisturizer for day and night use.

Treat moisturizers the way you treat clothes. During the winter, your skin would require more hydration since the air is dry: however, when summer comes rolling in, you do not want to drown your skin in too much moisture. So, when you scrape off winter jackets and switch to beach outfits, apply a lighter moisturizer.

9. Apply Cold Compress: Rubbing Eyes is a Sure Way to Damage Delicate Skin

EyesWhen your eyes itch, the automatic response would be to rub the area around the socket. This is one of the biggest things to avoid when you are wearing eye makeup; however, that’s not the only reason why you should stop this nasty habit.

The skin surrounding the eye is thin and delicate and you need to take extra care when touching it to avoid skin damage. Always keep your touches light when dealing with that area.

If you ever feel an itch, try to relieve it with a washcloth or a cold compress. You can also use a cotton ball with some toner to relieve itching.

10. Sweat it Out: Regular Exercise Gives You Healthier Skin

Engaging in physical activities such as running, biking, gardening, walking, or doing anything that would make you sweat is beneficial for your skin. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating toxic chemicals lurking under the skin. The more you sweat, the more you help your body stay healthier.

For an added benefit, you should exercise regularly. Staying active can help improve your blood flow and circulation, which promotes good health and it could lead to healthier skin; however, if you plan to go out on a hot day, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. After all, the sun is among the main causes of skin damage.

11. Go from Thinner too Thicker: Learn the Right Way to Apply Skin Products

Right Way to Apply Skin ProductsMost people are looking for skin care tips and for products to improve the appearance of their face and body that they neglect the most important things. Many individuals commit the mistake of applying products in the wrong order.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the products that you are using, you need to apply them in the correct order. As a rule, you need to apply the thinnest products first and the thickest creams last, irrespective of their ingredients.

The reason behind this is that products with thicker consistencies tend to block lighter skin products. So, if you apply the thinnest products last, they would not be able to do their job properly.

12. Do a Patch Test: Avoid Dealing with Blown-Up Skin Problems by Testing for Allergies

Dealing with skin allergies especially ones that happen on your face takes a lot of time and effort. To avoid that tedious and horrible experience, always test products in the small patch of skin.

When you are planning to use a new product, rub a small amount on your lower cheek to test for compatibility and for any negative reaction. Leave the product in the area for 24 hours. If there is no redness or irritation, it is safe to use it in the entire face; however, if the area becomes itchy or you notice an indication of an allergic reaction, don’t use the product.

13. Healthy Skin Tips for Acne: Reduce Milk and Dairy Consumption

Milk and DairyAlmost every person hates breakouts. Dealing with tons of pimples on your face can be highly troublesome. It is certainly embarrassing to go out with a face full of acne.

If you notice that the pimples are located near the cheeks and the jaw and they look like cysts, milk and milk based products may be to blame. For the next few weeks, cut out dairy products in your diet and see if your skin clears up. If you notice an improvement, you should consider cutting out ice cream, yogurt, cheese, milk and other related products from your diet.

14. Lighten Skin from Within: Improve Blood Circulation with a New Three-Minute Habit

There are so many people who want to have skin that appears to glow and be lit from within. Retaining this healthy glow becomes harder as you grow older because your face doesn’t get as much oxygen as it did when you were younger.

One key to improving your skin’s appearance is to hang your head upside down. This doesn’t take much effort and you can do it when you wake up in the morning. Try to hold the position for three minutes every day. By making this as your daily habit, you can retain that healthy glow.

15. Drinking from Straws: Pursing Lips Constantly Lead to Fine Lines

Drinking from StrawsDoing an activity repeatedly could cause elastin and collagen breakdown, which could lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. When you drink out of straws all the time, you might notice fine lines forming around your mouth earlier than expected. The same thing could happen when you drink straight from the bottle because you have to purse your lips tightly.

The best choice would be to drink your beverage from a glass. Although you still have to purse your lips, it wouldn’t be as tight as you would have to when you drink from straws or from a bottle.

16. Shift Your Weight: Avoid Prolonged Pressure on One Spot

Breakouts don’t just happen in your face.It can happen to any part of the body. One of the best body acne tips that could help you avoid breakouts in different parts of the body is to avoid putting too much pressure in one spot.

As much as possible shift your weight to another part of the body. For people who are always sitting, it’s ideal to stand up every few hours or change your position so another part of the body is carrying your weight.

It is also a good idea to sleep on your stomach since there will be fewer pressure points. Plus, it can give your back some reprieve and allow you to stretch those hamstring muscles.

17. Healthy Skin Tips for Eyebrows: Use Makeup Remover to Clean Your Brows

EyebrowsIf you are fond of applying makeup on your brows, you should pay more attention to how you clean that area. Often, women fail to clean the area along their brow bone. Since you are applying so much makeup in this area, there could be a buildup of dirt that your facial cleanser can’t remove.

Among the most effective and healthy face tips for a woman like you is to invest on a mild makeup remover and to use it to clean your brows thoroughly. If the area does not get ample attention, you may develop brow dandruff.

18. Foam is Harmful: Stop Using Products That Produce Too Many Bubbles

Contrary to what we see on television, more foam doesn’t mean that your facial cleanser is more effective. In fact, you should try to avoid.In many cases, foamy cleansers contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Choosing a cleanser that does not produce too many bubbles is one of the most effective and healthy skin tips for men and women.

It is also necessary to choose a cleanser based on your skin type. People with oily skin should stick to gentle cleansers while those with sensitive and dry skin should consider using cleansing milk products.

19. Choose the Right Sun Protection: The Wrong Type of Sunscreen May Lead to Acne

SunscreenOne of the golden rules of having healthy skin is to always wear sunscreen. Skin is skin: this is a universal advice for everyone, whether you are looking for healthy skin tips for black skin, or the most effective ways to avoid damaged skin when you have fair skin.

Undeniably, the sun can cause the greatest amount of damage especially when you go out during the hottest times of the day.When using sunscreen, the general rule is to put on something with SPF 30 or higher.

Some people do not know that there are certain types of sunscreen that could lead to breakouts. If you are shopping for sunscreen, stick to products containing titanium and zinc.

20. Toss Out Your Old Makeup: Bacteria Buildup in Cosmetics Can Cause Various Skin Problems

Although many women are fond of using makeup, you may be guilty of hanging on too long to your cosmetics. Makeup is one of the favorite breeding grounds of bacteria. If you are not using a product often, don’t hesitate about throwing it out.

Most of the time, women use their hands to apply makeup. This increases the number of germs in makeup and over time, it could transfer to your face and cause problems like acne. One of the healthy face skin tips that would be useful to everyone who owns makeup is to throw out foundation after six months, even if it could last for years. It is always better to throw out some makeup than spend money on acne removers.

21. Soda Indulgence: Too Much Sugar Causes Skin Irritation

SodaAnother important commandment in skin care is to pay attention to proper hydration. Unfortunately, many of us drink anything except for water. If you particularly love drinking soda, you may be experiencing skin irritation, redness and acne.

Soda is unhealthy because it contains too much sugar. A single serving contains about 11 teaspoons of sugar. If you want to have clearer skin, it may be time to shift to a healthier diet. Instead of drinking soda, focus on hydrating. This could lead to better nutrition and glowing skin.

With just a few changes in your lifestyle and skincare routine, it is possible to have better-looking skin. Hopefully, these healthy skin tips would help you out.

It is never too late to pay attention to your skin’s condition. Even if you are pressed for time, there are still things that you can do to have glowing and younger skin without.