Ice Pick Scars: Your Main Treatment Questions Answered

Acne scars are unpleasant reminders of past breakouts that affect many people of all ages. Initially, it is daunting to deal with pus-filled, cystic and painful acne.

Then, when the acne, blackheads and whiteheads have finally cleared up, acne scars still persist.

There are many types of acne scars, including deep pits, open pores, angular and narrow scars. Thus, treatment options also depend on the type of acne scar you have.

Of the many acne scar types, ice pick scars are very difficult to remove. However, nowadays, with specifically designed treatment, you can achieve clearer and smoother skin.

What Are Scars?

Scars primarily consist of abnormal damaged collagen. Collagen is a protein which is found in the deeper layers of the skin. It is one of the constituents that support the skin. Scars arise from deformed collagen in response to the healing of inflamed acne.

Most people also suffer from hyperpigmentation along with acne scars, especially those with black skin tone. People with fairer skin may show erythema or redness within the scars.

How Are Ice Pick Scars Formed?

AcneIce pick scars appear after the formation of an infected cyst, which destroys the skin tissue and leaves a long narrow scar.

It begins as a mild form of acne, called a comedone. This comedone is formed when oil secreted from the sebaceous glands combines with the dirt or skin cells in the hair follicles.

This combination creates a plug that blocks the hair follicle.

After the comedone forms, bacteria begin to multiply inside the blocked hair follicle. The white cells of the body rush to the site of the infection in order to destroy the bacteria. With the build-up of white blood cells, pus is formed.

In a few cases, the bacteria, white blood cells and sebum can burst into the surrounding skin and cause further skin inflammation. With the aggravation of inflammation, pressure is created and this pushes the inflammation deeper into the skin. This in turn causes severe damage and leads to the formation of nodules and cysts.

Ice Pick ScarsThe inflammation on the skin damages the skin tissues and disrupts the structure of the collagen. When the resultant scar tissue is formed after the acne inflammation, it sinks into the skin and appears as ‘ice pick’ marks on the skin.

Ice pick scars are deep, small and narrow scars that extend into the dermis. The affected skin appears as if it has been injured by a sharp instrument such as an ice pick. Some people may have deep holes or large open pores.

What Are The Treatment Options For Fading Ice Pick Scars?

Ice pick scars are generally treated with punch grafting, punch excision, laser treatments and chemical peel treatments.You will need to visit a dermatologist for ice pick scars treatment since none of these treatments can be performed at home.

DermatologistYour dermatologist knows how to handle these kinds of scars. Also, he is the right person to let you know which treatment option is best for your ice pick scars.

  • Punch Excision: This is a surgical procedure that is used for the treatment of deep acne scars such as ice pick scars. During the treatment, the patient is put under local anaesthesia. A small biopsy tool is used for cutting each scar. Then, the normal edges of the skin are closed together using skin glue, sutures or steri-strips.
    After healing, the skin looks smoother and even in texture. This treatment for ice pick acne scars can leave a slight scar, but it is much smaller than the original ones.
    These new scars can easily be treated by laser therapies such as Fraxel as they respond better than ice pick scars.
  • Punch Graft: A small tool is used to cut the scar. A skin graft is taken from behind the ear or another part of the body and is used to fill the scar. The graft is securely placed with the help of skin glue, steri-strips and sutures. This treatment may leave a scar, but the overall skin looks much better than before. You can also opt to remove the resultant small scars by undergoing treatments like laser and chemical peels.
  • Laser Acne Treatment: This is the most popular treatment for ice pick scars removal.
    It also helps to destroy bacteria and diminishes redness caused by pimples and acne.
    One session of laser therapy works well for people with scars on the surface.
    However several sessions are needed for treating deep scars such as ice pick scars.
  • PeelsChemical Peels: A variety of chemical peel treatments can help to smooth your skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Chemical peels exfoliate the top layers of the skin, which prevents future acne breakouts. There are light, medium strength and stronger chemical peels for eradicating acne scars. Your doctor may recommend the strongest chemical peel to deal with deep pitted ice pick scars.
  • Microdermabrasion: This is an acne scar treatment in which the top, superficial layers of the skin are eradicated to stimulate the formation of collagen and to allow fresher and newer skin to develop. This treatment works very well for acne scarring that is not very deep. However, people with ice pick scarring can undergo microdermabrasion in conjunction with chemical peels to make the treatment more effective.

What Else You Can Try To Get Rid Of Ice Pick Scars?

Getting rid of icepick scars does not necessarily have to be done through surgical processes.

DermeffaceFX7If you are afraid of undergoing any of the above mentioned treatments, you can find out about skin regenerating natural supplements and topical treatments, which are safe alternatives for treating all sorts of acne scars, including ice pick scars.

However, you should keep in mind that ice pick scars are very deep and may take a long time to get better with any type of treatment, especially natural ones.

Erasing those unpleasant scars is as simple as using natural treatments such as DermeffaceFX7.

So there is no longer any need to worry about your skin. Before going for expensive scar removal treatments, trying easy and effective natural solutions will not do any harm.