Scar Cream: Important Things to Know Before You Buy

Scar Cream: Important Things to Know Before You Buy

Make your skin glowing and smooth with scar cream. The skin is the largest organ in the human body.

The skin may look like it is only a few millimeters thick, but it can actually cover more or less 20 square feet when stretched.Needless to say, the skin acts as a barrier or a protective covering for the skin tissues and organs underneath.

Functions of the skin

cut scarsWithout it the skin, you will be vulnerable to different diseases, harmful chemicals, pollutants, and even the sun’s UV rays. So, it is right to say that we need to take good care of our skin for it is the body’s first line of defense.

Aside from acting as a protective barrier, the skin is also the first organ to receive any blunt trauma or other injuries like burn, bumps, cuts, and the likes. Accidents like these may result to wounds or injury that will cut through the skin.

How a scar forms

The body has its own healing process wherein specialized cells will travel towards the wound site and aggregates where connective tissues develop to stop the bleeding and restore it. The main function of connective tissues is to bind and connect other tissues altogether. It comes in different varieties. In other words, connective tissues are the ones responsible for scar formations.

When it comes to the healing process, the skin has its basic reactions when dealing with wounds.

There is what you is called regeneration, where it replaces damaged cells and tissues. Healing is one of the defense mechanisms of the body, but it can leave scars behind.

Some scars may fade overtime, while others may remain forever. Also, scarring is like a clear evidence that keeps on reminding you of that unfortunate accident that you encountered. According to research, age, sex, genes, and ethnicity are some of the factors that affect the length and depth of the scar.

Removing scars with scar cream

So, what can you do to get rid of that awful scar on your skin?

surgical removalFor starters, there are different ways that you can employ to address the scarring problems on your skin.

Some of those therapies include injections, surgical removal, scar cream, lotions, and ointments.

Since each individual have has different types of scars, it is best if you consult a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon first for you to know the right treatment.

Having Getting a careful assessment is important if you want to see effective results. Superficial and shallow scars from cuts or simple wounds can be remedied with over the counter scar cream, gels, and ointments.

If you don’t want to spend hefty cash on laser therapies or surgical removal, and even face the possibility of additional scarring, settling with a scar cream and other scar skin applications will do. Nevertheless, be reminded that topical scar products will not totally eliminate scars, but it can minimize the overall appearance of your scar.

Types of scar creams

scar creamsBasically, there are different types of scar creams available in the market nowadays. The best way to know which type of scar cream is right for you is to read the label before buying one.

Well, you may notice that most of the ingredients of creams today contain Vitamin E, onion extracts, silicone, etc.

Still, it is not an assurance that it can give you the best results because some ingredients have different variants, and each variant differs from each other in terms of chemical structure. For instance, a scar cream with pure silicone-based formula is quite effective compared to the one with medical-grade silicone.

One ingredient that you should look for in a scar cream is hydroquinone (2% bleaching agent). On the other hand, dermatologists can also prescribe you with scar creams or lotions. It has other added ingredients like Tretinoin combined with hydroquinone or perhaps, Tretinoin with cortisone cream.Upon use of such scar cream, inform your dermatologist right away if you are experiencing any side effects like redness, burning, or itching.

product reviewsFurthermore, you can read user feedback and product reviews of a certain scar cream brand, which you can easily find in the internet.

Knowing the opinions and experience of other consumers when they used the product will help you in deciding which product is the best option. Focus on finding information about the ingredients, results, side effects and for how long the effect will takes place.

Reality bites: you can only do so much

 topical cream productsDespite the availability of topical cream products, you need to maintain a realistic expectation. It is not possible to just magically remove scars with a snap of your fingers. Whether you like it or not, it will stay on your skin forever.

The only thing you can do is to minimize or lighten its appearance so that it will not look that obvious. Well, if you don’t want to see scars on your flawless skin, prevention is the best way.

Nonetheless, there are certain instances where getting scar is inevitable. With that, here are some of the tips you can follow to alleviate scarring:

1. Protect new scars.
The healing process may take time. Exposing your scar to UV rays can affect your skin cells, which in return promotes darkening of the skin. So don’t forget to apply your sunscreen, with SPF 15 or above, when you go out.

2. Do not apply Vitamin E on your open wound.

Vitamin E is beneficial for your skin, but applying it before the wound is totally closed can impair the healing process. There are even individuals that develop an allergic response to it. S, so use it carefully.

3. Clean, cover, and let it recover.
Cleaning the wound is the first priority so as to avoid infections. Keeping it dry by covering it with a bandage or a pad is a good choice.

Research suggests that moisture can delay the healing process by 50%, and the risk of getting an infection may become high as well.  In addition, massaging the skin area in a circular motion can promote blood circulation, which triggers healing while relaxing the skin.

4. Practice general health promotion.
healthy foodKeep in mind that by eating healthy foods and staying active, you can hasten the healing process. Eating nutritious food, practicing good hygiene, and keeping your body hydrated, can boost blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the healing cells. So follow the above steps and get smooth skin with scar creams.