Stretch Marks

Scar Cream on Stretch Marks: How Effective is It Really?

Stretch marks are an inevitable part of growing up and getting older, but that doesn’t exactly make them very desirable. Countless people with stretch marks are always trying to find ways of erasing their stretch marks in favor of “normal” skin.

Though a litany of products are marketed toward fading stretch marks, few produce the results people seek, causing many to look elsewhere. Some even turn to scar creams, begging the question can scar creams be used on stretch marks?

Before we discuss that, it is important to first define and explore stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can occur on both men and women equally. Most notably, stretch marks usually happen around areas of the waist, thighs, hips, upper arms, breasts, and lower back. The marks occur in the dermis, or the middle layer of skin.

Stretch marks will occur after this layer is constantly stretched, which causes the dermis to break down and leave behind stretch marks.

It is important to note that stretch marks are a form of scarring. They most usually occur after pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss and will leave behind skin that appears striped in silver or white.

Can Scar Creams be Used on Stretch Marks?

The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no. Many scar creams lack the nutrients and ingredients needed to help remove stretch marks. However, certain scar removal creams available today are just as effective for stretch marks as they are for scars.

Dermefface FX7Perhaps the best multi-use scar cream on the market today is Dermefface FX7.

It has what many consider the most comprehensive ingredient list and is one of the few products that has been clinically tested. Also, Dermefface has the backing of the medical community and is even endorsed by one of the nation’s leading cosmetic surgeons—Dr. Dave David.

Dermefface’s 7 active ingredients, 10 powerful antioxidants and 5 moisturizers will work together to begin the healing process for even the toughest scar or stretch mark. Their proven to work formula has left many with stretch marks happier than ever.