Six Scar Makeup Tips for Concealing Those Perfect Imperfections

Six Scar Makeup Tips for Concealing Those Perfect Imperfections

It’s the obvious truth that we all want to look our best all day, every day. We’d do anything to show off that perfect, flawless skin. But what do we do with all those scars we grew up with? What do we do about those scars that we didn’t wish for, but were granted with?

cover up even the worst scarsIt’s terrible that we have to deal with skin that is otherwise healthy and glowing, but is unfortunately highlighted not by its beauty but by hideous scars. Thankfully, there are ways to cover up even the worst scars.

Although scar makeup is not a permanent solution, yet it is both, an easy and effective daily hack. In this article, we will tell you about some of the most effective scar makeup tips. Additionally, we also bring you some of the best scar makeup products in the market and products that are home based and suitable for sensitive skin.

Makeup Tips for Scars

Scar cover up is indeed a painful task. It takes a toll on your confidence and your finances. It’s not always feasible to treat scars medically. While in certain cases, the treatment is too expensive, in others the scars are too deep to heal completely without surgical invasion. This is why you should check out the following make up tips that you can fall back on as daily solutions:

Preparing Your Skin

The basic step before you apply any make up is to prepare it to handle the foreign elements contained in the products that you are about to use. This is essential because make up is intended to stay on your skin for a significant period of time. If the base is not clean, additional make up layers will only damage the skin further.

These primary steps are cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. For this purpose, depending on your skin type, you may use natural products like lemon, chickpea flour, honey, and egg white. You may even use mild products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids.

Getting the Foundation Right

FoundationIn terms of scar makeup, the first step is to cover up the redness and other discoloration caused by certain scars. This happens mostly in the case of acne. You can tackle this problem by applying a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Foundation will not even out the texture of your skin. In order to cover up the bumps caused by scars, you may consider using a primer. For best results, you must use silicone-based primers. Make sure you use only small amounts to fill the scars. Primer ensures that there is a good base for your make up.


For more stubborn scars that are not hidden with foundation and primer, you can use a scar concealer. While purchasing a concealer, make sure you pick one whose shade is closest to that of your natural skin. You can create the necessary number of layers using concealers.

Using a concealer is tricky in that too much of it can have the opposite effect. Too much concealer can make your skin look patchy and make up look cakey. Therefore, you must use it sparingly. Apply concealer using your finger tips for getting the dosage right.

Color Correcting

This is a process that you may undertake before applying scar concealer. It is helpful in concealing scars that are of weird colors and pigmentations, such as yellow, green, and purple. Color correctors are similar to concealers in terms of texture and consistency.

Color correctors are used to react with the colors of the scars so that the concealer can work better on the scar. You can try to achieve the tint that you like by applying different shades of color correctors to the scar. Using a color corrector can help achieve a more skin tone.

Following Up

sleep enoughOne you find the perfect skincare regimen to conceal your scars, it is important to follow up. It is true that your skin care routine will start showing positive results in no time. However, the moment you stop the process, the problems will surface again.

It is mandatory to follow your routine religiously for continued results. You may experiment with other products for better results in due course. Along with the above mentioned steps, also consider incorporating changes in your lifestyle for healthier skin. Eat healthy, sleep enough, and drink enough water.

Using a Scar Cream

Of course using make up products on your skin helps in concealing deep scars on an everyday basis. But using a scar cream on the side will help reduce the impact of the scar on the skin. This way you will need to use only lesser make up.

Scar creams like Mederma are effective in lightening scars. This is not an overnight process. However, on regular application you will see that your scars are lighter. Lighter scars are easier to conceal with makeup. We recommend using of a scar cream only for severe scars.

Six Best Scar Makeup Products that are Available in the Market

Today, the market offers a wide variety of options in makeup to cover up scars from all kinds of wounds and burns. There are even specific products targeted at achieving results for specific kinds of scarring. That is how advanced the cosmetic industry has become.

While picking a product to tackle your problem, look for one that suits your skin. Not all of the products that have the effect of masking scars may be suitable for all skin types. Thus, be careful to not end up damaging your skin further in the process of hiding existing damage.

Keeping this factor in mind, we suggest that you take a look at the following products which we understand are favorites of customers:

Plant Guru Zinc Oxide Powder

PowderThis product is brought to you by Plant Guru Inc., which is a US based company that specializes in raw materials such as this. Its products form great constituents for DIY face packs.

Zinc oxide is a chemical compound that is used to treat the skin. It contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that help in healing rashes. This powder has proven to be an effective component of home treatment packs to treat scars from acne. The best way to incorporate this powder in your skin care regimen is by adding it to your sunscreen.It is priced at about $12 for a pack of 450 grams.

KamaflageFoundation Palette

Sacha Cosmetics is a company that has its headquarters at Trinidad and Tobago. They have been involved in the cosmetic industry for a very long time and are dedicated to providing perfect ‘second skins’ to women of all skin tones and types. Their range of foundations is quite popular.

Kamaflage Foundation blends easily into the skin. It is available in perfect skin tones that suit, among other races, Africans, Americans, and Indians. It has a professional and polished touch when applied. There are no complaints about side effects either.

It is priced at about $50 for a pack of 10 pieces of varying shades.

NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips

GelUnlike other cosmetic companies, NewMedical Technology, the creator of this product, has a sharp focus. They focus on making products to prevent and treat scars from all types of surgery, trauma, and burn. Based out of the US, their NewGel+ line of silicone products is the leading scar management solution.

Silicone gel is proven to have the effect of flattening and lightening scars, medically. These strips work amazingly on even touch scars like the ones left post surgery. It is recommended by a lot of dermatologists. Though the price may seem high, users feel it is completely worth it.It is priced at about $39 for a pack of four strips.

Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy

This product is brought to you by Skinception, a company based out of the U.S. that focuses on skin rejuvenation products. Their anti-aging and skin restoration products are quite popular.

This product helps regulate the collagen levels in your skin. Its continuous usage leads to firming of the skin.Dermefface cream also helps in lightening scars. Many are of the opinion that the product takes a long while to show results. But its usage has led to fading of scars.It is priced at about USD 39 for a spray bottle weighing about 14 grams.

Dermaflage Single Applicator

Developed in Hollywood, Dermaflage products are celebrity favorites. The makers of the products claim that it is the only line of products that looks like real skin. Dermaflage is committed to help you conceal all that deters your confidence.

A few users complain that it took a while for them to get the hang of using the product. But thereafter, they have enjoyed great results with just a small amount of the gel. It has been effective in covering up even big scars and tackling heavy discoloration.It is priced at about $30 to $90, depending on the tone.

Boo-Boo Cover Up Concealer

ideal for the faceThe founder of Boo-Boo Cover Up products started out with her line of solutions with the aim of blending healing and concealing. Her products focus on concealing wounds when they are still in the process of healing. Boo-Boo Cover Up products have medicinal properties as well as cosmetic properties.

This cover up concealer is ideal for the face and other parts of the body. It is available in various shades to suit your skin tone. A user claims that scars are covered to the point of invisibility upon usage of this product. The best thing about this concealer is that it works well across various degrees of damage on skin.

It is priced at about $19 for a tube weighing about 10 grams.

Six Home Based Scar Cover Up Products

For those of you who have ultra-sensitive skin, using artificial cosmetic products may always be a cause of concern. You cannot be blamed if you are scared to try that new concealer or that new foundation which has had remarkable effects on your friend’s skin if you’ve grown up with skin that is susceptible to damage.

There are plenty of products that can be found at home that can be used to treat scars.These products are 100 percent natural and are therefore best suited for sensitive skin. The following are some of such products that you may incorporate in your beauty regiment to lighten those scars:


LemonFor scars to heal naturally, you need to treat them with bleach. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and is known to have amazing effects. The citric acid contained in lemons exfoliates well. It further kills bacteria and prevents formation and worsening of scars.

You can apply lemon juice on your scars to lighten their appearance. Further, drinking lemon juice without sugar on a regular basis also helps in clearing the skin. The astringent in lemons also tightens the skin. These benefits of lemon make it a great scar repairing item.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is best known for its cooling properties. It soothes the skin and acts as an antiseptic agent. It strengthens the collagen levels in the skin and helps damaged skin repair faster. Do ensure that you don’t use aloe vera on open wounds. It works best on scars.

The leaves of the aloe vera plant are filled with gel. You can apply the gel on the scars to lighten them. Along with healing the wound, it also moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Aloe vera does not lead to any burning sensation or irritation when it comes in contact with the skin. It is perfect for all skin types.


You can rub slices of potato directly on your scars. The juices from potato will help in healing the scars. The juices contain potassium, sulphur, phosphorous, and chlorine which led to lightening of scars. These extracts penetrate into the skin and work wonders.

Potato extracts work best on acne scars. Like lemons, potatoes also have natural bleaching properties. You can bandage raw potato to the affected area after rubbing it over the said area. Leave it that way for about an hour and repeat this process for about a week. You will definitely see results.

Olive Oil

Olive OilThere are various ways to use olive oil to heal scars. All these methods are proven to be effective in healing damaged skin. You can apply olive oil topically, inhale it as steam or ingest it as part of your regular diet. Mixing olive oil with other ingredients like baking soda or rosehip oil also yields great results.

While applying it externally, you need to use only a small quantity on the affected area. For inhalation, you can add a few drops of oil to water that is hot enough but not boiling. Olive oil in food has high anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scar tissues.


Honey is excellent for scars given its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It helps in healing damaged skin. It also reduces the severity of break outs. Honey is also rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals which nourish the skin and keep it healthy.

As a natural moisturizer, honey works wonderfully. It can be combined with various other ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric, lemon, and nutmeg to make effective face packs. Honey can also be applied as it is. You must bear in mind that processed honey does not possess the same properties as raw honey. Raw honey benefits the skin significantly more.


A common ingredient of most DIY face packs, yogurt is an excellent skin healer. Yogurt contains alpha hydroxyl acids that treat damaged skin. It not only nourishes the skin, it also lightens it. It can be used along with turmeric and barley. Incorporate yogurt in your regular skin care regimen for keeping scars at bay.

Yogurt masks also help in killing bacteria and keeping the skin supple. It is a cheap option and suits almost all skin types. Yogurt is also known for not causing any undesirable side effects like itchiness. These are what make it a favorite amongst many.

use the internetThe best part about this entire process is that you can use the internet to learn how to go about it. A good scar makeup tutorial is not at all difficult to find. In fact, apart from tutorials that help you hide your scars, there are even tutorials that guide you to work on scar make up effects for your costume parties. The lion king tutorial on scar makeup is a widely viewed one.

All of this only proves that scar makeup is the best solution to your daily skin woes. It is affordable, safe, works like a charm, and easy to do. Find your favorite products, get started today, and never let that scar mess with your confidence ever again.