40 Best Skin Care Tips for All Shades and Types of Skin

40 Best Skin Care Tips for All Shades and Types of Skin

At some point of their lives all people wonder about how to take care of their skin. Teenagers want to learn how to fight acne, women look for ways to eliminate imperfections and men wish to reduce signs of aging. Your skin is an organ, and just like your heart and lungs, it needs proper care. If you don’t pay attention to its needs, it will get revenge in the form of wrinkles, spots and sagging sooner or later.

Preventive measures are everything. Knowing the right skin care tips will allow you to keep this important organ healthy for as long as possible. Fresh looking and healthy skin is imperative for your overall appearance and can help open some important doors in life.

10 Skin Care Tips for Men and Women With Acne

Acne skin care tips are not just important for teenagers. Older men and women suffer from this problem. as well. Improper acne skin care can lead to unpleasant scarring. Dealing with scars is much more complicated than preventing them.

clean your faceThe best thing you can do to fight acne is to use preventive measures. This is the easiest way to avoid an unpleasant fight with this powerful enemy. Here are a few simple tricks you can use:

1. Clean your face. Cleaning your face is imperative for its health. Make sure to use special cleansing products. Simple soap can dry your skin too much. Don’t wash your face more than two or three times a day. You can wash away the natural oils necessary to keep the skin moisturized.

2. Avoid heavy makeup. Thick toners and shadows might look great but they clog your pores which in turn leads to acne. If you absolutely must use such makeup, try to apply it as rare as possible and use special makeup removers to wash it off as soon as you can.

3. Clean and replace your makeup tools. One of the most important makeup tips for women prone to acne is to clean all brushes and sponges. They are a great place for bacteria growth, so they need regular cleaning. Ideally you need to change them once every couple of months.

4. Don’t touch your face. Fight the bad habit of touching your cheeks or rubbing your eyes. The oil and dirt from your hands will clog the pores and cause acne and other unpleasant skin inflammation.

5. Avoid junk food. Unhealthy food is a terrible enemy of all your organs, including skin. Greasy foods, dairy and products containing a lot of sugar can cause acne.

6. Wipe your cell phone. You put your cell phone down in all kinds of places, including the public restrooms and fast food restaurants. You drop it on the floor and carry it in your bag. It collects all the unpleasant bacteria that come into contact with your cell phone and then you press it against your cheek. As a result, the bacteria gets transferred to your skin and causes acne.

drink a lot of water7. Drink a lot of water. Pure water, not tea or soda drinks, helps cleanse your organism and hydrates your skin. This hydrated skin doesn’t just look younger, it feels healthier and has more tools to fight the bacteria which is trying to clog the pores and cause acne.

8. Exfoliate your skin. Choose gentle exfoliation products to remove dead skin cells from your face and help avoid pore blockage. Exfoliation shouldn’t be done too often. Doing it once a week will be enough. Don’t forget to wash your face before starting to exfoliate it.

9. Never pop a pimple. The worst thing you can do is to pop a pimple. You can infect the place where the pimple is which can lead to worse problems such as scarring. Even if it looks absolutely terrible, use the right products to make it disappear but forget about squeezing it out.

10. Fight the zit. Here are a few tricks you can use if the preventive measures didn’t work and the zit appeared:

  • Use a salicylic acid cleanser
  • Take aspirin since it contains salicylic acid
  • Use benzoyl peroxide spot treatment
  • Apply an oatmeal mask
  • See a dermatologist to get professional tips

If all your attempts don’t help and you are faced with acne scarring, you can help diminish the appearance of your scars by using special products such as Dermefface Fx7 that contain strong moisturizers and antioxidants.

10 Home Made Skincare Tips

natural ingredientsHomemade skin care tips won’t just help you save time and money, they will allow you to enjoy what the nature has to offer. If you don’t have time to go to the store or the money to buy expensive products, make your own. You’ll be surprised at how natural ingredients can make your skin healthy in no time. Take a look the skin care products you can make on your own.

1. Oatmeal Mask: Oatmeal is great for treating acne and making your face feel smooth. Take one third of a cup of oatmeal. Choose the instant type. Add half a cup of hot water. Mix it well and wait for it to swell up. Add one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Puree the mix in a blender. Apply it to your face, wait 10 minutes and wash it off. Such mask can be used once a week.

2. Coconut Mask: This is the easiest mask you can make and it will take care of the aging signs. Squeeze the milk out of a fresh coconut and rub it into your face. Leave it there for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

3. Banana Mask: Another one of the easiest natural skin care tips is a banana mask. It can help make the skin smooth, and soften some wrinkles. All you need to do is mash a couple of ripe bananas, mix them with warm water and apply to your face. Keep it there for 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Use this mask once a week. You can add some honey or orange juice if you want.

4. Honey Mask: This mask will give the skin on your face a healthy glow. Mix one fifth of a cup of orange juice with half a cup of honey. Apply the mix to your face and leave it there for 30 minutes. Wash the mask off with warm water and use a moisturizer. Apply once a week.

5. Papaya Mask: Slice up a papaya and remove all the insides such as seeds and pulp. Wash your face with a cleanser and rub a papaya slice on your skin. Concentrate on the areas around your mouth and your eyes, neck and hands. Leave it alone for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Use the mask twice a week and you’ll see how your skin becomes brighter.

6. Hand Soak: This hand soak works well on rough skin. Heat up three cups of whole milk to make it warm, but not too hot. Place your hands into the warm bowl of milk, so they are fully covered. Keep them there for about 10 minutes. The fat from the milk will nourish the skin and give it the much-needed vitamins A and E. You can use this trick every day.

7. Calloused Feet Remedy: Use the ratio of half a cup of baking soda to a gallon of warm water to make a tub for your feet. Let the soda dissolve fully and submerge your feet into the solution. Let the feet soak for about half an hour. Dry the feet and apply lotion. Put on cotton socks and wear them for a couple of hours.

8. Natural Lip Balm: If you have flaky skin on your lips, you can create your own natural lip balm. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil, one teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Use a soft toothbrush to apply the mixture to your lips with a circular motion. Wash it off.

9. Strawberry Body Scrub: Mash eight strawberries. Mix them with one tablespoon of orange juice. Add one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of brown sugar. Massage the mixture into your elbows, hands and feet. Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel. This scrub does a great exfoliation job and makes the skin feel smooth and even erase blemishes.

potato10. Potato Scar Removal Remedy: Grate one large potato and put it into a cheesecloth. Rub it on the scarred area on a daily basis. You can also squeeze potato juice onto a cotton pad. This remedy will help lightening the scars and can even lead to their disappearance.

These homemade skin care tips can help you be sure that you are not rubbing anything toxic into your skin. You can also avoid a mind boggling choice of different products and brands at the stores.

10 Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Each season our skin requires different care. Hot and cold weather affects it differently and the skin needs additional help from our side, especially if we are faced with extreme temperatures. Let’s take a look at some winter and summer skin care tips:

Simple Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold, dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin, so here are some tips to keep it hydrated and happy:

1. Moisturize a Lot: Your favorite summer moisturizer will not work in the winter when skin needs additional hydration. It is recommended to look for an oil-based moisturizer to replace the water-based one you used during the hot season. The oil will help nourish your skin by creating a protective layer. Take a look at night creams. They are mostly oil-based.

2. Use a Sunscreen: This might sound strange but sunscreen in the winter is a big help if you spend a lot of time outside and especially in the snow. Snow glare is dangerous for your skin, so sunscreen for your face and hands is a must. There are some face creams and toners that already have a sun protection factor.

3. Avoid Exfoliating: Exfoliating your skin is one of the common beauty tips when it’s warm and sunny outside. When winter comes and the air gets colder, your skin gets drier. Don’t damage it with exfoliating. Avoid using harsh, alcohol-based beauty products. Instead, find something hydrating like cleansing milk. Your goal is to save your skin’s natural oils.

4. Get a Humidifier: No matter how hard you try to fight it with moisturizers, dry air will still find a way to get to you. In order to make your battle easier, don’t fight the consequences, deal with the roots. By making the air less dry in your house or apartment you won’t just hydrate your skin, you will also deal with unpleasant dry throat that can irritate you in the winter time.

5. Wear Gloves: The best way you can help the skin on your hands is to keep them warm and not exposed to the cold air. Even if you don’t feel as if your hands are freezing, put on the gloves anyway. They don’t have to be too warm or made out of some special material. Just try to cover the most of the skin you can. Since it’s hard to do with the face, at least help your hands.

Smart Summer Skin Care Tips

The summer sun, heat and humidity can cause a host of skin problems, from rashes to sunburns. Add to that bug bites and plant irritations, and there’s a lot to protect your skin from, so here’s some help for summer skin:

1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen: Even if you only go outside for the short walk from the doorstep to your car, you still need to save your skin from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Get a good sunscreen and put it on every morning before going out the door. It should become a solid habit just as brushing your teeth did. Sunscreen application is an essential part of your morning beauty routine.

Make sure you apply sunscreen on all exposed skin. This advice applies to your lips too. Buying a sun protection lip balm is an absolute must. The skin on your lips is sensitive and needs protection as well. The lip balm should have a SPF of at least 15.

2. Drink a Lot of Water: In the summer your body needs a lot of hydration to stay healthy, and since the skin is another one of your organs, it requires water, as well. Drink an extra glass of H2O in the morning when you wake up. Eat some water-rich products like watermelons. Carry a water bottle with you if you go for a walk or hike.

3. Wear Less Makeup: In the summer your skin is already exposed to a lot of damaging factors. You will also be applying a sunscreen on a daily basis. Let your skin breathe by wearing less makeup. Your best way out would be a face cream that has a SPF. Opt for more lipstick and mascara, and for less toners, powder and rouge.

4. Avoid Night Creams: The night creams are an absolute must for the winter time when your skin is dried out. In the summer you are already doing a great job hydrating it, plus the air is humid. Get a lightweight serum and apply it before going to bed.

wear sunglasses5. Wear Sunglasses or a Broad-Brimmed Hat: The skin around your eyes is sensitive. Sunscreen will do a good job protecting it but it might not be good enough. The best way to help your skin is to hide it from the sun. So if you don’t have an option of staying in the shade, cover up your face as much as you can. Sunglasses are a must. A broad-brimmed hat will be a nice addition that will help keep your face in the shade.

10 Skin Care Tips for Men

Men pay much less attention to skin care than women do, and that’s unfortunate. Caring for your skin is important for looking your best and preventing premature aging signs. Men like looking good, and for some of them, looking their best is imperative for their career. These simple skin care tips for men won’t require too much time but can make a difference between a dull look and a distinguished appearance.

1. Cleansing: Proper skin cleansing is just as important for men as it is for women. In fact, men often have oilier skin than women do, so they need cleansing even more. Using special cleansers for daily face cleaning is imperative. Soap bars can dry up the skin and make it unpleasant to shave.

2. Shaving After the Shower: When you take a shower, your hair and your skin soften. This makes shaving smoother and can help you avoid irritation. Cold and hot showers are not good for this purpose. In order to get the best effect, shower with lukewarm water.

3. Don’t Forget the After Shave: After-shave is imperative for hydrating and soothing your skin after shaving. Make sure to pick alcohol-free after-shave so it doesn’t dry your skin. Make it a habit to apply after-shave every time you do any shaving.

moisturize your skin4. Moisturize Your Skin: Applying creams might seem like something only women do but men need it even more. Their skin is much rougher and more prone to flaking. If you want women to enjoy holding your hands and take pleasure in kissing your face, make sure the skin is soft. At the same time neat and groomed hands are part of the success formula for businessmen.

5. Take Care of Your Eyes: The skin around your eyes is sensitive and doesn’t have sweat and oil glands. That’s why it dries before other skin does and causes the first signs of aging. Get a hydrating eye cream and apply it to the area around your eyes religiously. Fighting wrinkles when they already appear will be much harder than taking preventive measures.

6. Use Lip Balm: The skin on our lips is sensitive. It’s easier for women to protect it since they always apply lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and etc. Men don’t do any of this and the skin on their lips stays unprotected. This is one of the skincare tips most men ignore since it seems that applying lip balm is not a manly thing. Forget about stereotypes. If you want soft and young looking lips, use a lip balm with a SPF.

7. Exfoliate: The cleanser will remove all the dirt from the surface of your skin, but everything that’s already clogging your pores will stay and proceed to cause black spots, acne and other unpleasant things. Using a scrub once a week is enough for men to make their skin look and feel clean. You can use a scrub right before you shave and shaving will be much smoother.

ice cold water8. Use Cold Water to Revive Your Skin: If you had a tough night and are looking 10 years older in the morning with puffy eyes and dull skin, submerge your face in ice cold water for several seconds. It will immediately tighten your skin and extra blood flow to your face will make you look younger and healthier.

9. Clean Your Razor: Cleaning razors or replacing them often enough will help you prevent skin inflammation. Shaving with a dull razor can lead to unpleasant cuts. If the razor is not clean, you will immediately get the cut infected. The best idea is to use non-reusable razors. But don’t go for the cheapest ones. They are usually dull from the beginning.

10. Use a Body Wash: Many men use simple soap bars in the shower. This is a big mistake. Soap dries up the skin on your body just as it does on your face. In order to avoid the flaky skin on your knees, elbows and feet, use a regular body wash. You’ll find that a body wash does a better foaming job and will make your shower experience more pleasant.

Skin and hair care tips are as important for men as they are for women. Perhaps in some cases men need the advice much more than women do. Making a good habit of daily cleansing and moisturizing will allow you to keep your skin looking healthy for a long time. The earlier you start using the right skin care tips and form the right habits, the easier your face and body care will become in the future.