The Top 7 Makeup Tips from Today's Pro Makeup Artists

The Top 7 Makeup Tips from Today’s Pro Makeup Artists

A lot of women, including you, have always wanted to know how professional makeup artists do their magic tricks. No matter how hard you try mixing and matching colors, the result just doesn’t seem to compare to their stunning creations. Well, not anymore. Here are some simple tips from professional makeup artists to make it easy for you to achieve your best beautiful look:

1. Use The Color Theory

Choosing the right colorsChoosing the right colors of makeup to create a certain look is probably the most difficult, yet the most important thing you should know.

Mixing and matching the right colors of primers, concealers, foundations and eye shadows based on your skin tone and eye color needs just the basic understanding about color.

The color theory makes use of the color wheel to determine the right blend of colors that will look best on you. If you are fair-skinned, use undertones, such as ivory or porcelain and concealer creams of almost the same shades.  If you have slightly dark skin, copper, tan and caramel undertones will work best for you.

To know more about color theory, visit this website.

2. Make Peach Fuzz Invisible

Run your makeup brushHave you noticed how tiny hairs appear more visible after applying foundation? If you are constantly having this problem, this should do the trick of making peach fuzz disappear.

After applying foundation, run your makeup brush gently all over your face, downwards to keep these baby hairs from sticking out with your foundation.

Apart from peach fuzz, visible scars can ruin anyone’s look. If you recently had breakouts and worried about the formation of acne scars, you can minimize the appearance of these unsightly scars by applying scar creams. One scar reducing cream that works well on acne scars and even injury scars is Dermefface Fx7. It is safe to use without the need for a prescription.

3. How To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Dark circles can make the eyes look even smaller. First, even out the complexion around the eyes with a concealer that is lighter than your skin color.

EyelinerThis includes the area below your eyes and your lids. Next, apply a nude eyeliner on the inner rim of your lash lines. Apply a thin line of black eye pencil on the base of your upper lid.

Then, apply black eye pencil on both upper and lower lash lines starting at the center of each and thickening the application as the line goes outward. Apply a cream colored eyeshadow on the crease in an upward motion. Define your crease with a medium brown eyeshadow. Curl your lashes, and then apply mascara.

4. Sexy And Fierce Feline Eyes

Everybody wants those sexy, sultry feline eyes. These steps will help you do the trick.

Sexy And Fierce Feline EyesFirst, curl your lashes, then put a light layer of eye shadow primer or foundation to keep the makeup in place. Line the inner rim of your upper lash line with jet black, waterproof pencil eyeliner, and then do the same with the inner rim of the lower lash line.

Use the same eyeliner to line the skin just above your upper lashes. Next, put liquid eyeliner over the pencil lines. The key to long-lasting eyeliner is to layer it with liquid eyeliner of the same color because this keeps the inner color intact.

For the winged edge, close your eye and trace along above the upper lash line going outward and stop on the bony part. Place a dot on the spot where you want the winged edge to extend. Place the liquid eyeliner on the bony part and continue where you left off extending the eyeliner towards the dot. Let the eyeliner dry before applying a cream colored eyeshadow, then a metallic one just above the lid’s crease. Lastly, apply two coats of mascara on your lashes.

5. Thick Natural Look For Sparse Brows

Full and thick eyebrows can make or break your look; however, not everyone is blessed with such brows. To create natural-looking thick brows, use an angled brush or a brow pencil.

Do thin and tiny strokes in the same direction of your brow’s hair growth to mimic natural hairs. Set with a brow gel to lock up those fake brow hairs.

6. Use A Concealer Brush For Applying Lipstick

Applying LipstickInstead of applying lipstick directly in a swiping motion or with the use of lip brush, use a concealer brush. The application is easier, and the product will be equally distributed on your lips.

The secret to perfectly achieve red luscious lips is to find the tool that works best for and a lot of practices.

For a lipstick that will last for hours, the trick is to apply it in layers. First, apply nude lip liner all over you lips. You can also use alip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Apply a thin layer of your lipstick with a concealer brush instead of a lip brush. Hold a tissue over your lips and blot the lipstick application. Repeat the whole process, not more than twice then dab a light layer of powder on the top.

7. Achieve Perfect Matte Lips

The matte look is sometimes hard to perfect, because matte lipstick tends to emphasize the flaws of your lips. It is important to keep the lips soft and smooth, to avoid peeling skin from appearing upon applying matte lipstick.

Make your lip scrub by combining natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil and sugar. Gently scrub your lips with the mixture to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Next, apply lip balm to prevent your matte lipstick from caking and looking to dry. Apply lip liner all over your lips to achieve a neat result. Make sure you use a colorthat matches your lipstick. Then, apply your lipstick in every corner; do not swipe or rub. Use a lip brush so the product distributes evenly. To make your matte look last, blot your lip with a tissue then reapply the lipstick.

Just follow these makeup tips from experts, and you will get the look you envied for so long.